The Best Practice Apps and Online Tools for Community

Ear Training and Music Theory Apps for Choir Singers. Ear Trainer. With over 260 exercises, this app focuses on helping you identify chords, chord inversions, intervals, scales, and notes in relation to a chord. Bonus: You are also able to customize your own exercises and share them with your friends! Price: $6.99. Purchase on iTunes . Tenuto

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7 Platforms for Recording and Sharing Chorus Rehearsal Tracks

(5 days ago) If singers do not have an iPhone but do have another smartphone, there are plenty of voice memo apps available for download. Digital Sharing Platforms for Choruses . Send as Digital Email Attachments or File Share. If you have a digital recording of your track, you can send as an email attachment to your singers. However, if you try to send an

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Chorus Connection Blog

(4 days ago) The Chorus Connection blog offers educational and inspirational choral resources for community choir directors, choir managers, board members, arts patrons, and singers in the choir.

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Why Your Choir Should Buy An iPad: Accessories and

(6 days ago) Productivity Apps. Keyboard in hand, you can now turn your focus to productivity apps. My choir, Boston Choral Ensemble, is a Google Apps organization - we store, create, and edit documents and files online - so our list of useful apps leans heavy on Google. Note Taking & …

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Donor Management Software For Choirs

(4 days ago) Managing donor information is a messy business for all non-profits, and choruses are no exception. Although the perfect choir management tool doesn’t yet exist, there are a number of donor databases that can help you manage this vital part of your …

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11 Definitive Signs That You Need Choir Management Software

(9 days ago) Tori Cook is the Director of Sales & Marketing at Chorus Connection. She sings with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and is a board member of the Greater Boston Choral Consortium.

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Virtual Learning: Taking Your Choir Rehearsals Online

(6 days ago) Community choruses are in for a rather long dry spell. Over the weekend, the CDC announced their newest recommendation to U.S. event organizers: cancel all mass gatherings with more than 50 people for the next eight weeks.And many other countries, if not already at that point, are undoubtedly headed in that direction.

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Why Your Choir Should Buy An iPad: Your Librarian's New

(3 days ago) Other apps provide some of forScore’s functionality - importing sheet music, built-in metronomes, pitch pipes, and keyboards, and robust annotating tools - but few match the levels of polish, integration, and unlimited support and updates that forScore’s designers offer.

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Why Your Choir Should Buy An iPad: Parties Made Easy

(Just Now) Several good photobooth apps exist for iPad, ranging from very cheap to over fifty dollars. Pocketbooth ($0.99) is a good app and allows some social media and email integration, but its interface is a bit complex. SimpleBooth ($59.99) is marketed as a photobooth for professional events with corresponding branding options. Setup options are much

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Restructuring Revenue Models: 40+ Potential New Sources of

(Just Now) For choruses with large operating budgets, consider whether there is a revenue opportunity from creating an app. Perhaps a virtual choir app. Perhaps a music theory app. Who knows? Development of apps are pricey, but you might just have the right innovative idea to make it work. Sell your app to rake in the dough. 41. Become an influencer.

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The Secret To Simplifying Data Entry For The New Season

(4 days ago) If you don’t have internet access in the space, you can collect data offline using one of the many free form-builder apps available on mobile devices. I’ve been impressed by what I’ve seen so far with Device Magic’s Mobile Forms (more info here), but if you have the time and patience, try out a few to see which you like the best.

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SFGMC's Secret Sauce to Recruiting and Retaining Choir Singers

(5 days ago) The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus is no amateur when it comes to recruiting singers. Already a chorus of nearly 300 singers, in any given audition they can have up to 60 singers auditioning for only 30 spots. Talk about competition!

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Syncing Your Chorus's Donor Data to Your Email Marketing

(8 days ago) Third-Party Apps with Purchase. There are also third-party app integration solutions built by developers in the marketplace. These solutions cost money but, if they work, can save your Chorus Manager/Executive Director plenty of time. eTapestry & MailChimp via SideKick Solutions; Blackbaud/Raiser's Edge & Mailchimp via Chimpegration

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Why Your Chorus Board Should be "Slack"ing in the New Year

(Just Now) The apps themselves will automatically remind the owner to complete their task or project by the designated due date - leaving your hands free to do other things! Connects to Google Drive for File Collaboration. Slack also has a Google Drive app integration. Simply hook up your Google Drive account so you can share and collaborate on documents

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Seven Ideas for Resuscitating & Revitalizing Your Social

(3 days ago) These apps all have short training videos that will help you get started and some could keep you busy learning about social strategy for hours. Whether you’ve planned for the week or the month, now its time to pick out a photo and do some creative writing. You can write a single sentence, or several paragraphs to convey your idea.

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Introducing Riser Charts

(3 days ago) Jacob is the founder of Chorus Connection and a proud member of the NYC Gay Men’s Chorus. A lifelong choir nerd and tech geek, he loves marrying his passions to help community choruses run more efficiently.

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How to Rock Your Chorus's Website

(6 days ago) SimilarWeb - monitoring tool for outside sites and apps; SEMrush - track other local choruses/competition in the area; Use this analysis to help you improve and optimize your website! Tori Cook is the former Director of Sales & Marketing at Chorus Connection. She sings with the Tanglewood Festival Chorus and is a board member of the Greater

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5 Ways Choruses Track Attendance

(Just Now) There are also a number of attendance taking apps for phones and tablets, though I haven’t talked to any choruses that use such an app, so I’m not sure how effective they are (if you’ve used one of these, please leave a comment and let me know if it worked well for you). Pros: highly efficient; no data entry after rehearsal. Cons: not free.

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5 Signs From the Universe Telling You It's Time to Join a

(6 days ago) I'm not necessarily claiming that singing in a choir is going make you Einstein or anything. But making music requires complex brain functions which not only help develop specific areas of the brain but also enhance cognitive functions. Skip the mind challenge apps and learn how to make music instead! 4. You're lacking culture in your life.

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11 Grants Perfectly Suited for Community Choruses

(8 days ago) Let’s face it, researching grants for choirs is literally THE worst. There is a ridiculous number of grants to sift through online, and after searching through seemingly thousands, you’ll be lucky to find just one for which your chorus is actually eligible.

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Chorus Connection Blog Alex Speir

(1 days ago) Alex Speir is President of Boston Choral Ensemble, a 40 member amateur, professional quality choir. In the past three years, BCE has grown their audience by 25%, increased revenue by 50%, launched several iterations and countless enhancements to their website, moved their operations entirely to the cloud, recorded a new cd, commissioned a new composition each year, transitioned marketing from

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29+ Free Choir Management Tools You Need To Know About

(3 days ago) Google Apps for Nonprofits; Microsoft Office 365 for Nonprofits; Scheduling Tools. Scheduling committee meetings is a huge pain and your inbox is basically guaranteed to be flooded with emails. These tools will change your life. Doodle; NeedToMeet; Calendly; File Sharing/Cloud Storage

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