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Mobile apps market is constantly expanding and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. Mobile technology is probably the fastest growing one in human history and the biggest technological trend ever. At the same time, consumer expectations are rising along with the number of mobile apps. Only top-notch products can beat the tough competition.

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Web and Mobile Development Company

(4 days ago) CodeTiburon is a software development company and IT outsourcing provider, headquartered in Kharkiv and delivering high-end solutions to precise specifications since 2009. We specialize in web and mobile development, and are committed to the creation of solid turnkey solutions for our customers. Konstantin. VP, Operations and Business Dev.

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Caution, Hot App: How To Make a Recipe App

(1 days ago) A cooking / recipe app is a mobile program to steer you through meal preparation. It offers the functions to make cooking easy and enjoyable even for a newbie: a virtual recipe box and step-by-step directions. meal planning and ingredient purchasing automation. measuring and calculating tools.

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Machine Learning in Mobile Apps: The Ultimate Guide

(1 days ago) Machine learning can be implemented in finance apps in three ways: Predictions. Machine learning systems are able to analyze big amounts of data, including customers’ financial status, their behavior, market changes, upcoming trends, etc. Security. The most important issue for every user is the safety of their money.

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The Future of Social Media Apps and How to Build One

(6 days ago) Messaging apps will play a key role in this mobile-centric world, giving micro-businesses new ways to communicate with customers. In fact, they already are, according to Facebook’s research. Mobile social networks of the future will have a payment feature, allowing in …

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Create Event App: How to Build a Successful

(1 days ago) Event apps can level up your conference or meetup. Types of event apps. There is a great variety of event and conference management apps, which can be roughly classified by these four main factors. The purpose: Event aggregators (for example, local event apps like Eventbrite), apps for specific events (like the iBurn app for the Burning Man

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How to Build a Mobile Peer-to-peer Payment App CodeTiburon

(3 days ago) The apps don’t require strong authentication to complete a transaction, removing friction from the process. WhatsApp, with more than a billion users a day, is trialling the instant bank-to-bank transfer service in India, which would allow 200 million users to transfer money while texting.

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Developing a Travel App: Stay Relevant With Technologies

(4 days ago) Mobile travel apps give people the opportunity to instantly access the available information without coming to the agencies or talking on the phone and explaining what it is that they want. Businesswise, automation of bookings, invoicing, billing, etc leads to saving time and efforts. Excellent maintenance.

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Mobile Apps: How to Make

(8 days ago) Apps similar to Siri build up users emotional attachment to them. The ability to communicate with a personal assistant by voice gives people the illusion of intimacy and personal connection. It comes extremely useful when you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand.

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How to choose the best pricing model for your mobile app

(7 days ago) Apps like this are meant to be freemium from the beginning and are built to allow users to have meaningful experiences. This particular pricing model is in style right now, but It is for you to use only if you know your numbers. Freemium model is an excellent marketing strategy only when an average income per user outperforms the equivalent

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How to Build a Real Estate WebSite with Listing: Tips and

(6 days ago) How the best real estate companies use their websites. Top real estate websites rank the highest in global search. And they capture most of the traffic. For example, 10 largest real estate listing portals in the U.S. are capturing nearly half of all non-mobile traffic to U.S. real estate-related websites. Top four on this list have had a stable position over the past five years.

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Restaurant App Development or How to Create a Restaurant

(1 days ago) Food is a basic human need.Restaurants transform this experience into an art.Informational technology builds elegant shortcuts to its fulfilment.. Small wonder, restaurant apps are getting increasingly popular with restaurateurs and diners alike. In fact, over 80% of restaurants are turning to technology, aware that their customers are just a few taps away.

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HR Software Development or How to Build HR Software of the

(Just Now) In 2014 mobile access becomes a standard and gives rise to mobile apps. In recent years, HR technology has shifted from function automation to user engagement. Gamification has become mainstream in employee engagement and training software. Video interviewing is widely used.

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How to Create a Chat Application like WhatsApp: Key Points

(4 days ago) The apps of this sort, aka real-time applications (RTAs), include collaborative tools like Slack, Trello, or Google Docs. The technology is particularly popular with the developers of live-chat and instant messaging apps as well as voice and video communication tools. Compared to Erlang, the benefits of Node.js are pretty compelling:

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What are Progressive Web Apps and How to Develop Once

(8 days ago) Benefits of progressive web apps. At the heart of the PWA development philosophy is an excellent experience – for a user, a developer, and a business owner. It translates into: Size. Lower footprint in downloading and installing: PWAs are ~10x more …

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5 Business Model Patterns for Online Enterprise CodeTiburon

(6 days ago) The Future of Social Media Apps and How to Build One Without Mistakes. 2025. 4.64/5. 09/09/2020. 11 minutes. How to Make a Successful Event or Conference App. 2610. 4.57/5. 07/27/2019. 17 minutes. How to Develop Management Software for Real Estate. Development center, Kharkiv, Ukraine: Representative office,

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How to make a hotel booking app: the ultimate guide

(9 days ago) Apps like TripAdvisor, Trivago, Google Hotel Finder, Kayak, Hipmunk, or Skyscanner show price comparison across various sites. What most of them don’t have, however, is a booking feature . By redirecting you to a hotel website where you can actually book your stay, they get a referral commission or CPC charge.

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How to Create an On-Demand Delivery App Like Postmates

(9 days ago) Though most apps operate locally, there are some global-scale players like GrubHub (US & UK) or Delivery Hero (40+ countries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East). So going global is an option while making a delivery app. Three business models of online food delivery. Delivery app development presupposes a choice of a business model.

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How to Create an Augmented Reality App for Your Business

(3 days ago) Painting apps. Painting apps are about making walls a different color or coloring an elephant in a children’s book. The pool of possibilities is endless, and what you need to do is just pick a niche and figure out how you can implement AR, so it would be convenient and helpful for your users. Marketing and advertising with AR

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How to Make a Social Media App Like Instagram and Avoid

(3 days ago) Photo-sharing apps can provide users with the opportunity of creating business profiles, advertising themselves, and gaining followers. In-app purchase. For an application like Instagram, there are several things you can sell like custom filters and effects. Special deals. You …

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How to make an app like tinder

(3 days ago) Free apps tend to irritate users with all sorts of advertising – interstitial, native, incentivized, display ads and banners. Later, Tinder’s subscription model granted paid users an option to switch off the annoying ads, except those displayed in the format of users’ profiles.

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Mobile App as a Brand Marketing Channel: Strategy Guide

(2 days ago) By using mobile apps for businesses as a marketing channel, you can instantly track user’s behavior like personal online shopping, browsing habits, and their way through the app, you might need tools like A/B testing. So marketers can understand what their audience needs and improve their app way quicker.

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React Native vs Native: How to Choose a Platform for

(1 days ago) Native development is for complex apps with high-performance requirements. App Store and Google Play acceptance. When everything is done, your next step is to publish an app. Mobile apps built by means of native development will be accepted almost in 100% cases as long as you stick to the essential programming guidelines.

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How to Create a Video Streaming Website Like Netflix

(Just Now) Excellent article with informative content. With the outbreak of Covid-19, Video streaming business has experienced enormous growth recently. As theatres are being shut, demand for video streaming apps are raising constantly. So going for video streaming app development is the perfect choice in this pandemic period

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating Excellent App Store

(Just Now) But, if you still decided to go classic, Manual – RAW custom exposure camera and TouchRetouch are the apps pulling off this style. #2 Solid color and device. Today every other app on the app store uses this style. The concept is pretty simple, you choose a stand out color and place a device with the screenshots of your app on it.

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How to Build an App like Airbnb

(2 days ago) Or why apps like Airbnb are in great demand worldwide. If you’re reading this, you have probably considered enhancing your business with a mobile application of this sort. Or perhaps, following Airbnb’s business model to start up an enterprise. So read on to …

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Custom Property Management Software Solutions Development

(8 days ago) Accounting apps (Intuit, MRI) allow real estate agents, brokerage firms, landlords and property investors keep track of their business finances. Maintenance and lease management software (RentManager, RenTec) tracks lease details to effectively manage critical dates, financial obligations, and other information for real estate.

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Native vs Hybrid vs Web App – Startup Hacks

(3 days ago) Google Play requires a $25 one-off fee for every app you upload. Apple requires developers to pay $100 for a license, which includes publishing unlimited apps across all operating systems, and $299 for the Enterprise Program. If you want to develop hybrid mobile apps, you will need to pay to every market you plan to get published in.

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How to create an app like SnapChat and how much does it

(1 days ago) Once upon a time, in the year 2011 precisely, in the online space reigned three titans – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But two brave men, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, didn’t get scared and launched the Snapchat app regardless.The risk of launching an app like the most popular apps out there was fairly big.

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Minimum Viable Product in Software Development: Getting It

(8 days ago) With progressive web apps, and yet get a native app look and feel by building once and using in every browser, on any device. Developing a ‘lite‘ MVP allows you to maximize the reachout. Use an open-source platform. It considerably reduces your time and effort of building a site or a landing page.

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Corporate Online Learning Mobile Application for SkillPill

(9 days ago) The formats range from succinct animated videos, infographics and support documents to mobile apps and social tools. There is also a digital partnership between Skill Pill and the world-class business school, London Business School. The challenge. The client requested a prompt mobile app solution. The design and all the image assets were

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Recruitment App Development: Digitalization Case Study

(2 days ago) Let’s take a look at some apps that shine in bringing recruiters and applicants closer together. LinkedIn Recruiter. LinkedIn is a solid all-in-one job-search app, perfect for networking, sharing professional news, interacting with co-workers, and searching for jobs. 87% of talent (both active or passive) are open to new job opportunities. 77

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How to Create Your Own POS System: Comprehensive Guide for

(7 days ago) Over the past decade, POS system development has evolved from bulky on-premise enterprise solutions to light-weight cloud-based systems and mobile apps. They also go way beyond retail business. So the hunch that you should build a point-of-sale system may be totally justified. Where Point-of-Sale systems are usually used

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Machine Learning in the HR Industry: Trends and Example of

(2 days ago) Performance review apps don’t address the issue with performance reviews, which hold people accountable at the expense of grooming talent for the future. Benefits of using machine learning in human resources. Faster Response to Changing Dynamics. In the era of big data, HR has to manage employees data, basically on everything. Here are some

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Microservices architecture in application building: what

(4 days ago) Containerization best fits modular apps, stateless, designed for scaling, e.g. mobile apps, real-time data apps, etc. So the control plane for those apps has to be designed to be distributed and easily scalable. The more functionality you need to containerize, the more you should be biased towards using a VM. Remember, a container is for a

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How to Build an Applicant Tracking System [Enterprise Use

(6 days ago) Reduced cost-per-hire. With an ATS, only the top 25% of resumes reach recruiters, allowing for more added value. An average monthly cost of a recruiter is $2000-$3000. An ATS is $100-$150 a month per user. Weigh the 5% cost increase over your recruiter’s sourcing efficiency multiplied.

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Face Recognition Technology: The Professional Ultimate

(9 days ago) Unlocking your phone with your fingerprints is a common trend now. But after Apple Event 2017, the world is interested in the next big thing, and it is unlocking your personal devices with your face. iPhone 8 and iPhone X started the hype of face recognition for mobile apps and phones, and it seems like it is going to stick for a while.

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Space-sharing Mobile App: Just Right for On-the-spot

(3 days ago) Contrary to travel apps, the space that Archigram’s users care for should be within 30 km radius. And that’s a winning feature. ‘Near me’ search queries have doubled over the past years, satisfying the ‘I-want-to-go’ mode of user interaction. ‘Locked’ in real time

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Best React Native Developers: Salary, Hiring, Main Skills

(Just Now) The JavaScript competence comes in handy for making components, building apps’ logic and services, and for the flow understanding. Basically, if a candidate is a JavaScript professional, your React Native mobile app is safe and sound. iOS and Android development.

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We create websites, mobile apps, WordPress & eCommerce

(3 days ago) We have accumulated extensive experience in mobile UI and UX design and iOS / Android apps development. We provide native and cross-platform mobile solutions. Learn more. eCommerce Development. eCommerce means more than a pretty website. We take the time to understand your brand and your goals and build comprehensive & customer-friendly

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mobile app development Archives

(1 days ago) The market is full of amazing platforms for building mobile apps, and picking one seems like an impossible decision. But worry not! Today you will become a true expert in the field of mobile development. How to Choose the Best Pricing Model for Your Mobile App – Tactics and Strategy. 3120. 4.55/5. 07/20/2017.

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What are Progressive Web Apps and How to

(6 days ago) And what are progressive web apps, anyway? Read on to discover! How Machine Learning is Changing HR Industry. 7464. 4.17/5. 2. 12/17/2020. 10 minutes. Julia Matyunina. Startups. Machine learning is the hottest topic right now, and every industry out there is now on the hunt for new ways of using ML for their own benefits. Today we are going to

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develop an educational app Archives

(5 days ago) Developing an Educational App in Three Easy Steps. Just like a dictionary is a language in retrospect, education is a window into… the past. It’s painfully lagging behind our needs, both in content and methods. Take e-learning apps – so plentiful on the market but scarce in class. Smartphones are stigmatized as distractors, cheat devices

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mobile app developers Archives

(Just Now) Event apps can level up your conference or meetup. How to Build a Social Network App Like Instagram: Cost and Terms of Development. 20268. 3.92/5. 06/18/2020. 12 minutes. Julia Matyunina. Startups. Instagram is today’s giant that is famous all over the world. Its enormous popularity proves that the demand for photo-sharing apps is increasing.

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Real Estate Technology Trends: Industry Landscape

(Just Now) Updated July, 10, 2018. Just a decade back, the Real Estate industry was only contemplating digital opportunities and embarking on an online journey of website creation, mobile app development, and online marketing.. Today Real Estate in its traditional sense makes up a smaller part of Real Estate Technology landscape.

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