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25+ Best Small Business Software Tools and Online Apps. Here is the best small business software. These tools and online apps give small businesses what they need to be productive and mange their operations right.

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Getting Started With the App Store

(6 days ago) Apps features the App Store’s most popular non-gaming apps, again, organised by category for your convenience. From brand new releases to newly updated apps, and everything in between, Apps has something for everyone. Apps features the App Store’s most popular non-gaming apps

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How to Install and Properly Remove Apps

(1 days ago) Installing Apps The package (.pkg) icon. In this section, I’ll cover installing applications from all available consumer sources. I will not be discussing how to compile an app because it is much more advanced and requires developer skills. DMG With App File “DMG” is an acronym for “disc image”.

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10 of the Most Useful Free Mac Apps for Travellers

(2 days ago) Fortunately for us, in this digital age, there's an abundance of free apps at our disposal to help cut through some of the trickier aspects of travel. 1. World Explorer Use the World Explorer app to prepare for your next trip. Covering a large part of the globe, the app uses text and images giving you a good overview of the monuments and places

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Create Your Own Web Apps With Stamplay

(Just Now) Web apps are a great way to interact with your customers. However, to non-web developers, they can be a really daunting task to create. Luckily for those users, the folks at Stamplay have aimed to make the creation of web apps a breeze with their service that automates the web app development process by giving you a simple step-by-step process on creating apps.

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How to get Microsoft Office for Free

(8 days ago) The new Office Online is actually nothing terribly new. Back in 2010, Microsoft added "Office Web Apps" to their Skydrive online storage service, which let you edit your Office documents online with a basic copy of Office 2010-styled apps. It worked …

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How to Work the Most Productively With Your Widescreen Monitor

(4 days ago) With pro apps, you can then fill the screen space with your tool pallets and get your work done faster—or you can hide all the toolbars and focus just on the one task at hand with nothing else on your screen. But for the rest of the times, when you need multiple windows open, it's far more efficient to have as much on your screen at once as

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How to Choose the Right Tools to Automate the Mac

(1 days ago) Launch Your Favorite Apps in Groups with AppleScript; Automator. Automator, like AppleScript, is another automation tool developed by Apple. With Automator you use a graphical user interface (GUI) to create workflows—a number of actions grouped together to reduce repetitive tasks.

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Beyond Highlighting: How to Get the Most From Your Annotations

(3 days ago) As with most apps, you can highlight text using multiple-color highlighters. You can bookmark pages, add notes (including copying and pasting text from a page), and share your annotations via email, Facebook, or Twitter. There's even two different ways to highlight passages: a simple highlight, or highlight plus which lets you change the color

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Get to Know Your Utilities Folder: 7 Great Apps You Should

(8 days ago) *Please exercise caution, as certain apps (like Terminal and Console) have the capacity to make potentially dangerous changes to your machine if you don't know what you're doing. Advertisement. Scott Danielson. Freelance writer, independent musician, amateur web developer, social media architect, game and puzzle junkie, barista extraordinaire.

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The Complete Guide to the Mac App Store

(1 days ago) Apps only need to be downloaded and that’s all the installation they need. There’s no setup or installer to go through, just download the app and you’re ready to go. This is similar to how a lot of apps were developed before the Mac App Store, but some developers still needed an …

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How to Manage Your Tasks With Todo.txt

(9 days ago) Being an open source project, Todo.txt also works in a variety of specialized apps outside of your plain text editor. You'll find apps for almost any platform that work with Todo.txt, but one of the best is a free app: Todour. Todour is available for both Mac and Windows, and gives a simple graphical interface to our Todo.txt file.

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Installing Newer Apple Software on an Older Mac

(9 days ago) Installing Newer Apple Software on an Older Mac. With Apple's App Store becoming the easiest, fastest, and safest way to install apps on your Mac, the need for installing software from a physical medium like DVDs is starting to become a thing of the past. However from time to time you may still find yourself needing to install an application

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How to Solve App Related Problems in iOS 11: Part 2

(2 days ago) Apps Consuming Significant Storage Space. An iOS device has a limited capacity, or storage ability. Any iOS device will reach its storage capacity if you like to download apps, music, video or other data. Open the Settings app. Go to General > iPhone Storage (or iPad Storage) to see what space is taken by apps, photos, media, and more. It is

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How to Discover the Best in Mac Apps

(1 days ago) Get Mac Apps. Get Mac Apps. Similar to, Get Mac Apps is another website where you select from the list of apps that you wish to install and it will install those selected apps in one go. Again, ideal for setting up a new Mac though limited, however, in the number of and choice of apps available.

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Enable Windows-Like Features on Your Mac

(2 days ago) PresButan is a free utility that makes the return key and delete key behave like their Windows alternatives, the enter and delete keys. To set it up: Download PresButan from Brian Kendall's site. Navigate to your Downloads folder and open presbutan140.dmg. Drag the PresButan app to your Applications and launch it.

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How to Use Gaia GPS to Navigate With an iPhone

(Just Now) Gaia GPS is one of the best apps available for navigation on the iPhone.It’s got maps that cover most of the world and all the features you need to navigate outdoors with your iPhone. It’s not a free app, but the features make it worth the $19.99 investment.

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How to Get Great Deals on Mac Apps

(6 days ago) Some of the apps are truly available for any price, but to unlock the best apps, you need to name a price higher than the current average. If the current average named price is ten dollars, you need to pay ten dollars and one cent to unlock all the apps–or just pay a dollar and get three or four of them.

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ทุกอย่างที่คุณต้องรู้การทำงานมีประสิทธิภาพใน Trello

(3 days ago) ส่วนใหญ่สิ่งที่จะทำรายชื่อ apps เป็นเหมือนกัเชิงเส้นและทำตามคำสั่ง ถ้าเธออยากออกไปนอกเหนือ"ทำ"แล้วก็"ไม่ทำ"สถานะของคุณสำหรับงาน—พูดว่าเพื่อ

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Launch Your Favorite Apps in Groups with AppleScript

(4 days ago) Launch a group of apps with a single click! From a user's perspective, you'll see a list of different application groups pop up on the screen (work, play, etc.). You'll choose the group that you want to launch, hit "OK" and they will all be launched for you. Pretty cool. Step 1.

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Launch Apps Like a Pro with Launchpad

(8 days ago) Any Apps that you have downloaded from the Apple App Store can be deleted right inside of Launchpad. Clicking the X will give you a warning asking if you want to delete the App. Clicking cancel will cancel the deletion, and clicking delete will delete the app from your Mac.

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How to Solve App Related Problems in iOS 11: Part 1

(2 days ago) The apps on the dock stay the same irrespective of the Home page screen. Dock is the perfect place for most used apps. Put a folder in the dock with the apps you always use. It’s a great way to access a whole slew of apps from any Home screen. On the Home screen, organise apps based on the way that works for you, for example:

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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To AppleScript

(4 days ago) The Key to it All: AppleScript Dictionaries. Though AppleScript itself has a wide range of commands that can be applied to any program or item in OS X, the developers of each application are tasked with adding full AppleScript support to their apps.

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4 Easy Ways to Automate Your Mac's Schedule

(2 days ago) More than that, Login Items are apps that launch whenever you log in. If there are applications you always have running (like Mail or another email app) or apps you want to be the first thing you see when you look at your Mac in the morning (like iCal or task management), Login Items will get these apps rolling automatically for you.

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How to Combine Automation Apps on a Mac

(1 days ago) Launchbar can open apps, but so can BetterTouchTool; they just do it differently. Even the built-in AppleScript and Automator have their uses. Mixing and matching the different tools is the best way to really customise a Mac. It also means that you’re not limited to just one tool. All the different automation apps can be combined in different

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Host Your Own Bookmarking Webapp with Unmark

(6 days ago) We looked several browsers and apps that let you bookmark pages, but perhaps the most intriguing of them all is Unmark, a free app from the good folks at Plain that encourages you to categorize your bookmarks by what you want to do with them—read the enclosed article, buy the listed product, watch the accompanying YouTube video or listen to

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Keeping Your Cool With Apple Mac Operating Temperatures

(7 days ago) Rogue Apps. Rogue, or runaway, apps can put addition load on the processor and/or graphics card that can affect your Mac in a number of ways. They may require more battery power, in the case of portable Macs, because the CPU/GPU is having to do more work. Processors doing more work create more heat and can lead to a degradation in system

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How to Be Productive on an iPad

(3 days ago) The two apps will display side-by-side, each taking up half the screen. Not all apps support Split View but the majority of professional apps do. Sync Between iOS and OS X. Unless you’re planning to make the iPad your main device, you’ll probably be …

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How to Use an iPhone Outdoors

(3 days ago) The apps are normally free, although you’ll have to pay for each region’s chart package. If you already have a navigation system installed in your boat, you may get the charts you’ve already bought included. Weather. For general weather forecasts, I love Dark Sky. It uses weather radar to give you accurate, hyperlocal forecasts.

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Using the Guest Account in OS X

(3 days ago) Apps. Don't let the guest user play your games. First, you can limit what applications the user is allowed to access in the Apps tab of Parental Controls. Just check which ones you want and uncheck the ones you don’t — it’s that simple. You can also take away the user’s privileges to modify the Dock, which really doesn’t matter since

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How To Migrate All of Your Important Data To Your New Mac

(6 days ago) Some apps have their own 100% custom, completely integrated cloud syncing solution. These apps require no outside help from third party systems or frameworks (at least from a user's perspective). One shining example of this type of software is Evernote , which stores all of your data online and allows you to quickly access it simply by logging

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Running Android on a Mac

(6 days ago) To access all pre-installed apps on the Android virtual machine, click on the App Drawer button that's located towards the bottom of the menu to pull up the Android app launcher. If you installed the Android 4.4 ISO I noted earlier in the tutorial, you can download new apps and content to the Android VM using the included Google Play app. To do

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How to Flash an SD Card for Raspberry Pi

(1 days ago) sudo dd if=2013-07-26-wheezy-raspbian.img of=/dev/disk2 bs=2m. If you get "Permission denied", use sudo dd. It will then take a few minutes to flash the SD card during which time no progress information will be shown. Be patient. On completion, you will get a confirmation with some information displayed in terminal.

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Make Wunderlist Into the Ultimate To-do List

(6 days ago) To do this, click on the account button located towards the upper left-hand corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu, click on the Preferences button. Tweak Wunderlist's apps to work the way you want. Look towards the top of the pop-up window and click on the button labeled Shortcuts.

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Apple Mobile Device Management Made Easy With Jamf Now

(6 days ago) Mobile Device Management (MDM) software secures, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across a business or enterprise. MDM enables over-the-air distribution of apps, data and configuration settings across both macOS and iOS devices. The objective of MDM is to optimise the functionality and security of a device while minimising cost and downtime.

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How to Run Linux Side-by-Side Chrome OS on a Chromebook

(7 days ago) The shortfall of Google’s Chrome OS, and it’s Chromebook laptops, is the lack of a full-featured applications. As the platform has progressed, some great web-based apps have come along, but there are still some holes.

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