Fitness apps and activity trackers a success in lockdown

Smartphone fitness apps and wearable activity trackers DO boost physical activity levels by an average of 1,850 steps a day, study finds. Review and pooled data analysis of 7,454 people finds apps

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The best walking apps and websites for exploring the UK

(6 days ago) There are many other apps and sites out there for dedicated hikers tackling serious mountain trails, but if a stroll with an inn at the end of the route is more your thing, there is a …

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TikTok user reveals secret hack to disguise apps including

(2 days ago) TikTok user Kaansanity, 21, from the US, often shares tech tips online to his 4.5million followers - but many have said his latest hack will encourage people to cheat by disguising dating apps.

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The apps you should delete to boost your smartphone

(3 days ago) The report, from cyber security firm Avast, based in Prague, found that Google's own apps are among the worst offenders. Google Maps, Google Play Music, Google Plus and Google Hangouts all appear

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The home of the future It's here! How apps will soon

(8 days ago) These apps – from makers such as Zonoff, Canary and Ambient Devices – will probably be mentioned in divorce cases. ‘He had Brothers In Arms in the toilet on a loop, for four years – and he

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Apps transform your face and body to replicate the results

(3 days ago) New apps replicate the results of plastic surgery without taking the plunge. FEMAIL writer Emily Hodgkin, 23, from London put the face and body sculpting technology to …

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32-bit iPhone apps could become obsolete after iOS 11

(5 days ago) Apps and games from indie developers are likely to be hardest hit by the removal of support for 32-bit apps. Apps affected are likely to include: Ocarina. Great Lightsaber. Ridiculous Fishing

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Children as young as EIGHT are sending naked pictures of

(4 days ago) Children as young as eight are sharing nude images of themselves on the internet for money through 'sugar daddy' apps. The troubling revelation concerns New Zealand Police who said children

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Asos launch tool to reveal where people but their outfits

(9 days ago) Customers can take a photo of an outfit they like and use it to find the same item. The ASOS app will sift through the 85,000 items on its site and find either the same garment or something similar.

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iOS 14 update displays an orange dot to warn if someone is

(2 days ago) iOS 14 is letting also let users set their own default apps for web browsing and email for the first time ever, as opposed to forcing users to stick with its own native apps

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WhatsApp loses MILLIONS of users to rivals Telegram and

(1 days ago) Rival apps have gained many of these disgruntled users, with new figures shared by the UK parliament's home affairs committee on 'online harms' showing that Signal gained 7.5 million users in the

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Zoom and NHS Covid-19 app 'most downloaded free iPhone apps'

(3 days ago) Zoom and NHS Covid-19 app overtake WhatsApp and Instagram to become the UK's most popular App Store downloads of 2020, Apple reveals. Zoom is the most-downloaded free iPhone app in the UK in 2020

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Parler hack yields GPS data that tracks users at US

(5 days ago) Parler are thought to have targeted AWS, rather than Apple and Google, as 'both the apps and the website are written to work with AWS's technology'. 'Without AWS, Parler is finished as it has no

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Apple quietly reveals iOS 14.5 will launch next week

(3 days ago) Apple has confirmed it will release its new software update, iOS 14.5, next week – complete with a controversial feature called App Tracking Transparency. App Tracking Transparency is a new anti

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Apple iOS 14 launches with new home screen and app library

(9 days ago) Apple kicked off WWDC by unveiling iOS 14 with a redesigned home screen that uses widgets, a more organized app library, and picture-in-picture that lets users watch videos while using other apps.

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Serial conman who used dating apps Tinder and Bumble to

(2 days ago) Serial conman who used dating apps Tinder and Bumble to trick women out of thousands of pounds by pretending to be wealthy surgeon or barrister is jailed for THIRD time after he was caught again.

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Snap blocks anonymous messaging apps YOLO and LMK amid

(8 days ago) The apps then exist as a third-party app on Snapchat. Yolo - which stands for 'you only live once' - was one of the first apps built through Snap …

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Apple rejected or removed 1m malicious apps from App Store

(6 days ago) Apple rejected or removed more than 1 million malicious apps from its App Store and stopped more than $1.5 billion in potentially fraudulent transactions in …

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Police reveal the 15 dangerous apps parents should know

(4 days ago) Police have identified 15 dangerous apps which parents should know about if they want to keep their children safe, and it includes some that most kids use. Mount Druitt Police Area Command shared

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The plastic surgery apps that allow users to see

(8 days ago) A new wave of smartphone apps is allowing users to see the results of plastic surgery before even going under the knife. After clicking the download button, users can apply morphing technology

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Massive changes coming to Tinder and other dating apps

(Just Now) Dating apps could use artificial intelligence to 'red flag' potentially threatening users to protect women from sexual assault. American holding company Match Group owns 27 apps including Hinge

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Restaurants beg customers to cut out apps like Grubhub

(7 days ago) Food delivery apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Caviar and Grubhub, which also owns Seamless, can charge anywhere up to 40 percent of how much a restaurants makes from app-generated revenue.

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App that stops snoring: Leading experts rate health apps

(7 days ago) ADRIAN MONTI: One of the fastest growing areas in the mobile phone app market is health. There are more than 318,000 health apps

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Huge surge in coronavirus-related cybercrime including

(2 days ago) Some 43 fake NHS Covid-19 apps hosted outside of official app stores were also pulled. Dr Ian Levy, Technical Director of the National Cyber Security Centre, revealed the cons.

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From Tinder to Hinge, the dating app generation Daily

(4 days ago) Millennials, busy with school, jobs and social lives, say the apps save time and let users filter out the undesirables, based on a few photos, words and Facebook connections.

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Online prostitution industry uses sites like Craigslist

(Just Now) The sale of sex has shifted online, as pimps are now using underground websites, social media and mobile apps to conduct business. A study found that pimps are adopting new technologies and

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Couples who meet on dating apps have stronger relationship

(4 days ago) Couples who meet through smartphone dating apps are more motivated to move in together and have children, according to a new study. Researchers found that online daters have stronger long-term

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Hackers can attack your phone via 76 popular iOS apps

(1 days ago) A security expert has identified dozens of popular iPhone apps that are at risk of being hacked.. The apps become vulnerable to attack when users send data from the phone to the cloud via Wi-Fi.

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Apple App Store scammers are earning millions Daily Mail

(6 days ago) A technology blogger has uncovered a series of apps that are exploiting a new advertising service in the App Store to trick Apple users globally into paying for expensive subscription services.

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Woman uses Instagram account to highlight the racist

(9 days ago) Lilian, who is in her twenties and lives in New York and Boston, is a single Asian American woman who noticed a pattern in the messages she was receiving on dating apps.

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Food waste app lets you save 75% on lockdown takeaways

(2 days ago) Food waste apps, a union of digital technology and frustration on the part of supermarkets, cafes and restaurants, claim to put an end to how much food - including alcohol, groceries and actual

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Alexa and Fitbit apps make the top 10 free apps list

(6 days ago) Alexa tops the charts on the free apps list in Apple's App Store suggesting it was a popular gift this holiday season - and Fitbit was the second hardware app to make the cut

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Experts reveal what NOT to do on dating apps

(8 days ago) Experts from the UK's leading dating apps including Bumble, Elate and OkCupid, revealed the common mistakes that could be hindering your chances of finding a …

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Parents should install educational apps on their children

(4 days ago) The apps, aimed at children aged up to four, will be chosen from those already on the market, and families will be able to buy them in the normal way.

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What your Android apps know about you: Researchers reveal

(3 days ago) Android apps are spying on users far more than expected, a new study has found. The research by Vocativ shows the apps that can access user's microphones, call logs and contacts.. It found one of

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Security firm uncovers 17 new adware apps on Google Play

(8 days ago) The apps fill a person's phone with pop-up ads and drain its battery The threat comes from 17 apps on the Google Play store Google says they're aware of the apps and are working to remove them

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Why white noise apps won't help you to sleep: Method may

(8 days ago) Using a fan is the most common option, although modern apps allow an insomniac to pick calming recordings such as crashing waves or the sounds of nature.

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Google shares drop after it blocks Huawei Daily Mail Online

(2 days ago) Apps can be updated, but may not be compatible with phones’ older software. Is the future bleak? When Google launches new versions of Android they are unlikely to be available on Huawei phones.

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Jillaroo Kezie Apps slams toxic NRL boys' club culture

(2 days ago) Female footy star Kezie Apps, 26, slammed the 'toxic' boys' club culture in rugby league after an ex-stripper revealed sordid details about group sex sessions within the sport.

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Android phone users BEWARE of flaw that lets hackers take

(1 days ago) The vulnerability isn't with the apps themselves, but the ad libraries used via the Android software. The hacker begins by exploiting the flaw in …

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Check your apps! Warning over Android downloads 'loaded

(4 days ago) The 29 apps, which range from power management apps to horoscope apps, were found to be infected by Trojan malware that controls the app remotely after gaining access to the victim's phone.

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Peak hours for dating apps like Tinder revealed Daily

(5 days ago) Email apps follow a similar trend throughout the day, with the exception of regular spike in Microsoft Outlooks in the early afternoon. The share of unique audience is higher than 20% at all hours

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MILLIONS download apps in Google Play store designed to

(1 days ago) The apps spied on users and foisted full-screen ads onto screen Apps have been deleted from the store but may still be on third-party stores Software has been linked to a college student in Vietnam

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New version of Nokia's 3310 phone set to come with 4G

(2 days ago) A new version of Nokia's £50 ($67) retro 3310 phone that connects to 4G networks is set for release. The 4G 3310 houses a new operating system that can run a number of basic Android apps

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Lizzo says she's grateful editing apps didn't exist when

(7 days ago) Lizzo has admitted she's grateful photo-editing apps didn't exist when she was a teenager while discussing the 'dangerous' effects of social media.. Speaking at the #BehindTheFilter Dove Summit to

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Memrise app makes learning CHINESE child's play Daily

(1 days ago) The apps that make learning CHINESE child's play: New wave of games help you read and write Asian script. Chinese is one of the many …

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Perth stalker Adam Rybicki to be sentenced after abusing

(9 days ago) Rybicki was found guilty of terrorising 19 women on a range of dating apps, WhastApp, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram between January 2018 and May this year.

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Google Store is set to ban stalkerware apps but leaves a

(8 days ago) The apps trace a person's online behavior without their knowledge or consent But tracing apps aimed at parents are still allowed, leaving a dangerous loophole for unethical appmakers to exploit

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