More Great Common Core-Aligned Apps Education World

Murky Reef is a series of thematic educational apps that encourages critical thinking through contextual game play. The series features six game-based activities that foster skills in reading, vocabulary, spelling and sentence structure. All of its content is …

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12 Keys to Finding Quality Education Apps Education World

(Just Now) Apps should fit into curriculum and instructional strategies for a wide range of grade levels and content areas, Norris said. This way, they're more economical and flexible. "I tend to be very careful in terms of apps that are for isolated skills or isolated pieces of …

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Best Apps For Teaching Media Literacy Education World

(9 days ago) The following tablet and smartphone apps are great tools for teaching students how to think, create and learn in the digital realm. 1. Toontastic Toontastic sparks the creativity in kids, and gives them all the digital tools they need to create and tell fun, interactive …

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Common Core App Roundup Education World

(8 days ago) All apps are for iOS devices and can be purchased in The App Store. Core (free) Teachers can view all of the CCSS in one convenient app, and it’s completely free. This great reference helps students, parents and teachers easily read and understand the …

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Top 5 Free Kindle Fire Apps for …

(Just Now) Top Five Free Kindle Fire Apps for Education The release of the Kindle Fire last fall immediately raised questions about its usefulness in the classroom. The small Fire, which comes with a more budget-friendly price tag than the iPad, could allow schools some …

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Students in an App, App, App, App World Education World

(3 days ago) It is not the apps themselves that impact adolescents but the way adolescents use apps. In the book, we distinguish between app-enablement and app-dependence. Adolescents who are app-enabled use apps as jumping off points to spark their imaginations, …

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Digital Tools for Teaching the Scientific Method

(6 days ago) These apps allow students to record video and capture images, as well as collaborate with peers in data collection. The writing tools in these apps provide an opportunity for students to transcribe their findings and research. Students can also use Evernote …

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Larry Ferlazzo's Best: The Best Web 2.0 Applications for

(5 days ago) You also can write some kind of description, or tag, for each site. This kind of application is great for categorization activities, and teachers easily can create stacks" of Web pages, videos, or images they want students to review. My pick for the number one Web 2.0 …

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Five Great Android Apps for the Classroom Education World

(4 days ago) All of the above apps can be found at the GooglePlay app shop. Related resources Explore the use of the iPad App Store in the classroom. See additional EducationWorld reviews of iPad apps. See other product reviews in our Tech in the Classroom archive. Article …

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Mobile Devices Empower Special-Needs Students Education

(5 days ago) Apps and mobile devices offer support with spelling, grammar, and word finding. Apps can also walk a child through the storytelling process and make it easier to put thoughts into words. Several apps that are helpful for storytelling and narrative writing are My Storybook Maker ($3.99), PicCollage (free), and Toontastic (free).

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New App Teaches Students About Digital Literacy Education

(5 days ago) Some of the apps features and benefits include, "an easy-to-implement curriculum about online safety, cyberbullying, and the ethical use of digital resources," said The app is self-guided, "yet ensures that students have a strong grasp of instructional …

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More Great Kindle Fire Apps for the Classroom Education

(9 days ago) More Great Kindle Fire Apps for the Classroom. The Kindle Fire has emerged as the clear winner of the second-place prize for tablet supremacy. While it has not dethroned the iPad, the Fire has warranted careful consideration by educators.

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Amazon Has Most Apps for the Classroom

(8 days ago) Surprising Study Conclusion: Amazon Has Most Apps for Educators While Apple’s app store may have most apps overall, a surprising study by The Learning Counsel showed that Amazon actually has a far greater number of apps specifically for education and educators.. That result is somewhat shocking, because Apple has always been the perceived leader in the app world.

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More Apps for Special-Needs Students Education World

(5 days ago) More Great Apps for Special-Needs Students Since its introduction three years ago, special education teachers have hailed the iPad for its usefulness in the classroom. EducationWorld has combed through the App Store to bring you five of the best that are designed specifically for students with learning disabilities and challenges.

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9 Free Apps to Help Educators Create the Best Common Core

(3 days ago) The next listing of apps provided are meant to be “graphic heavy apps that students will love.” The first app included is called Popplet. The app is designed to help students remember the importance of organizing textual information while building background knowledge for students.

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Parents Find Apps As Beneficial As Teachers, Students

(8 days ago) Moms With Apps, a company that provides mothers with quick, easy ways to find safe apps for their children, recently released a survey stating that over 96 percent of parents “agree their children benefit from using apps, with many noting the educational and developmental benefits children derive from them,” according to a recent press release.

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Hardware and Software Essentials Education World

(6 days ago) Four years ago, we asked members of the Education World Tech Team to tell us about the hardware and software they considered essential to their teaching and/or professional lives outside the classroom. The responses were published in the article Learn to Accessorize: Hardware and Software Essentials. Recently, we wondered how many of the

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Use iPads Effectively: First, Ask "Why

(7 days ago) Apps are not purchased on a whim, but rather after carefully looking at the app in depth, reading reviews, and even sometimes speaking with the developer. Similarly, …

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Five Free "Creation" Apps for iPad Education World

(1 days ago) Make Something! 5 Free “Creation” Apps for iPad When it comes to enabling creative projects, iPads have ruled the tablet market thus far. Over 150 million are using them to view media, gain inspiration and churn out music, visual art and other original works. The …

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App Enables Students to Report Bullying Anonymously

(3 days ago) Well, for those who do want to help their classmates but don’t want to become a target or be called a snitch, there's a new app introducing a possible solution. “As King 5 reports, the app is called Anonymous Alerts , and it lets kids safely share any sort of harmful behavior — be it bullying, drug dealing or a student carrying a weapon

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iPad App Review: Cell And Cell Structure Education World

(Just Now) Specifically designed for middle-school students and offering a detailed review for high-school students, this biology app is the perfect complement to the life-science curriculum. Students and teachers will appreciate the detailed 2D and 3D imagery, stunning graphics and in-depth content. Cell and Cell Structure comes with three main menu

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Integrating Tech: Fun Activities Education World

(1 days ago) Journaling is a great way to practice and improve writing skills. So why not experiment with some up-to-date journaling apps? iDiary for Kids, available for iPad and iPhone, is a free, fun journaling platform that may entice some reluctant writers. Other students may prefer a blog-style journal.

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Videoconferencing in Class: Skype vs. Google Hangouts

(2 days ago) The video is decent quality, as is the audio. In contrast to Skype, Google Hangouts allows many more active participants—up to 10 devices can be connected to a single meeting. Google Hangouts provides a suite of productivity apps that let users share what’s on their screen, collaborate in Google Docs, view presentations and diagram together.

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Tech in the Classroom: iPad App Store Education World

(9 days ago) Apps can definitely reinforce classroom lessons, and iPad time for playing educational games is a great classroom reward. There are also apps that can aid you as a teacher, including apps that cover various national standards and apps that help you make flashcards. Related resource See our archive of …

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Social Networking Tips for Teachers Education World

(6 days ago) APPS FOR EDUCATORS ON FACEBOOK Teachers also can leverage free technologies to engage with students on a platform they enjoy, and can use those tools to share presentations, notes, practice tests, and quizzes. Facebook has many apps. About the Author Joe Sullivan is the chief security officer at Facebook, where he manages a small part of a

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iPad App Review: myAlgebra Education World

(5 days ago) All apps can be found in the iPad apps store under education. Related resources Explore the use of the iPad App Store in the classroom. See additional EducationWorld reviews of iPad apps. See other product reviews in our Tech in the Classroom archive. Article by Jason Tomaszewski, EducationWorld Associate Editor Education World®

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Librarian Reviews 50 Apps for the New School Year

(9 days ago) School is starting, but teachers still have time to get acquainted with some of the best apps to use in the classroom. offers a list of 50 new apps for the school year, ranging from productivity, travel and geography to reading and more.

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Six Apps for National Dyslexia Awareness Month and

(5 days ago) The International Dyslexia Association recommends teachers to use Inspiration Maps in the classroom in its article about apps to use for literary instruction. "Inspiration Maps is a portable version of the popular Inspiration composition software; it helps organize topics for …

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Experts Discuss 'App Mentality' and Why It's Not Good

(9 days ago) Further, because the apps are readily available, plentiful and easy to use, the researchers argue that youths are losing out on important quiet reflection times to rest the brain and "focus inward." Davis says this lack of inward focus could be taking away important self-understanding and empathy skills that are developed when the brain is at rest.

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10 Free Tech Resources for Teaching Poetry Education World

(6 days ago) Apps: Poetry Daily: Users are introduced to a new poem each day and have the ability to archive and save their favorite poems. Teachers can show students a number of different poems by different authors and in different genres. Shakespeare: William Shakespeare is considered one of the best poets of all time. With this app, users can explore all

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A Teacher's Back-to-School Tech Guide Education World

(5 days ago) With 75,000 educational apps, kids can learn hands-on with games, textbooks, creative tools and more. Students can go on virtual tours, watch videos on TEDEd and engage in countless other learning activities. Everyone learns differently, and the iPad is a great tool for differentiation.

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Tech in the Classroom: LeapPad 2 Education World

(6 days ago) Apps run about $5 and cartridges cost $25, so for the price of a single iPad devoid of any content, a teacher could have a series of nicely equipped LeapPad2s. Related resources Read about other products featured in the Tech in the Classroom series .

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Tech in the Classroom: Google Chromebook Education World

(6 days ago) The Google apps are a little clunkier than Microsoft Office, especially when it comes to printing, but they are not hard to use. How well does it work? The device comes pre-loaded with links to Google’s online services. Other apps can be downloaded, much as you would on a tablet.

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Site Review: Education World

(3 days ago) The list of apps directs users to the iTunes App Store, where they can be purchased. Further, since a large banner at the top of the Britannica site boasts “New Apps Released Every Month,” repeat visits would definitely be worth teachers’ while. Bottom Line: Among educators, Britannica has been a hallmark brand for decades. So if you’re

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Kindle Fire: Boon for Schools

(6 days ago) The Kindle Fire will use the Android programming language, so apps currently available for Android devices will work on the Fire. Android app licenses can be shared between devices. Also, many apps currently are free to download. Users will be able to rent textbooks, borrowing from …

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iPad App Reviews Education World

(5 days ago) iPad App Store Explore the possibility of using the iPad App Store in the classroom. iPad App Review: Drawp Drawp is a drawing app with over 200 colors and textures, voice recording, unlimited art storage and coloring pages designed by leading artists.

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Google Education Numbers on the Rise With 50 Million App

(2 days ago) The app, which weaves together various other apps, including Drive, Docs, Sheets and Forms, made waves shortly after it was launched in August 2014.” With constant updates and revamping to improve the features, the company pushed for mobility, API tools and an increased focus on learning and classroom management systems.

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STEM News Roundup: Despite Impending Resignation, Duncan

(7 days ago) This week in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) News, Arne Duncan continues to advocate for STEM after announcing his resignation this December, students showcase STEM skills through creating mobile apps, and schools in …

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Mobile Apps and Devices Increase Achievement Education World

(5 days ago) Student achievement benefits from strategic use of mobile apps and devices, reported an educational research firm, based on a study of technology implementation. The Empirical Education , Inc. study focused on a specific app, Fuse Algebra 1 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), and was conducted during the 2010–2011 school year.

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iPad Management Tips Education World

(3 days ago) Disallow apps such as Safari (in case you want to use a different, filtered browser), FaceTime and the iTunes Store. Disable the camera and FaceTime. Install and/or delete apps. Disable multiplayer games in the Game Center. Prevent changes to the following settings and accounts:

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iPads and Young Learners: Classroom Tips Education World

(5 days ago) Type in the name of the app. The search result will display all the apps with your search keyword in it. Customize the search listing in Settings to eliminate mail, contacts, calendar, and notes from appearing as a search result. Help students find apps faster and avoid having to spend instructional time locating apps. Sharing the iPad

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