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These are the Only Tools you Need to Help with Portion

(2 days ago) Apps like My Fitness Pal make it easy to track your daily food intake and see a breakdown of the overall macronutrient you’re consuming, which lets you make sure you’re getting a good balance for your goals. #2 Portion-Control Containers. Another option that may be easier and more sustainable is using portion-control measuring cups

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Stream any workout to any screen, including your TV

(1 days ago) To cast to your TV, start a workout on your phone. Make sure your TV and phone are on the same wifi network. Once you start a workout, tap on the screen for the icons to appear, then tap the cast icon (it’s in the top right corner) and bam, you are ready to get your FitOn on your tv.

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Try This 30-Minute Evening Ritual to Be More Productive

(4 days ago) Raise your hand if your days are a total blur — especially lately (we’re emphatically raising both hands into the air over here.) In all seriousness, life is hectic for many of us, even if …

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What TVs / streaming devices do you support

(2 days ago) MOBILE FitOn is currently available on Android & iOS devices: Android: Android 4.4W & above iOS: iOS 11.0 & above (including Apple Watch for real-time heart rate) DESKTOP You can also a…

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10 Healthy Habits You Need to Keep in Your Life When

(5 days ago) If you lack discipline, schedule in your screen time, set a screen time limit for your most-used apps, and/or leave your phone in your purse, car, or in the other room when you’re with company or while you’re having quiet-time with yourself. #5 Practice Yoga to Improve Your Mental and Physical Health.

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At Home Workouts For Even The Busiest Moms

(7 days ago) #4 Fitness Apps. It’s hard to stay accountable and stick to a consistent workout schedule when you are a busy professional. Try a fitness app like FitOn to help you stay on track, especially for those at home workouts. This app can provide data like how many calories you are burning and your daily heart rate.

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Getting Started with FitOn

(9 days ago) FitOn makes exercise motivating and fun with a one-of-a-kind social experience that lets you interact with fitness pals inside and outside of class, right from your phone. Whether you want to lose weight, tone it up or just sweat, find a better you with friends or solo, with FitOn – fitness on your time.

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The Top 4 Benefits of Meal Planning You Need To Know

(7 days ago) Gone are the days where you have to cook every night of the week in order to eat healthy. Meal planning makes it easy to plan your food out for the week and even get a head start on the prep work, so you have healthy meals ready to enjoy when you’re just too busy to cook.

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How do I connect MyFitnessPal

(1 days ago) Tap on Apps & Devices; Search and tap on Health app; Tap on Settings to connect MyFitnessPal to Apple Health; Make sure Allow “MyFitnessPal” to Read Data > Workouts is turned to ON to sync your workouts between both apps; You can also set this up directly in the Apple Health app: Navigate to the Health app on your phone and tap to open

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5 Hacks to Sync Your Circadian Rhythm With Daylight Saving

(4 days ago) If you don’t want to give up your late-night phone scrolling yet, at least invest in some blue light blocking glasses or even look up apps like Flux. You can also change the settings on your phone to “night mode,” where it minimizes blue light output. #4 Do a Guided Sleep Meditation

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Nutrition Tips & Articles FitOn

(1 days ago) Access free nutrition tips & articles by professional trainers. Download our free fitness app to kickstart your health goals.

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Introducing KINRGY by Julianne Hough

(6 days ago) We’re excited to introduce new KINRGY by Julianne Hough Expanded Fitness. Inspired by the elements, these methods focus your mind, sculpt your body and ignite …

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Meal Tracking is Still in: Here’s Why it May Be Key to

(5 days ago) Some great food tracking apps we love include Lose it!, Fat Secret, and Cron-o-Meter. #3 When in a Pinch, Just Use Pen & Paper . And, when all else fails, just use pen and paper (or your notes section in your phone). Don’t let not having your app open and handy or not having your food journal with you be the reason you forget to log a meal.

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Simple 5-Day Guide to Detoxing From Sugar

(3 days ago) Feeling a little hungover after the most sugary holiday of the year? We feel ya. Here’s a five-day sugar detox to help you bounce back.

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Don’t Spend Thousands on Supplements – Here’s How to

(7 days ago) Let’s talk about supplements for a second, shall we? With around 75% of the American population taking a supplement, it’s a hot topic, and we want to break down …

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How do I adjust my calendar and notification settings

(8 days ago) Tap on Apps > FitOn> Permissions > Calendar; Tap allow or deny FitOn access to your calendar; Google Calendar vs. Gmail Calendar for Android: 1. Navigate to your phone’s settings and tap on Apps > FitOn > Permissions > Calendar 2. Tap on “See all apps with this permission” (located underneath Allow …

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7 Ways to Recharge Your Mind and Body

(6 days ago) Try blue-blocking apps, or dim the lights and use natural lighting! Don’t Eat Within 3 Hours of Sleep. Your digestive system should be relaxed and ready to repair at night, says McBride. However, if you find yourself hungry, you may want to eat a small amount of fat and protein to maintain blood sugar and prevent hypoglycemia.

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Here are the Best 4 Exercises for Better Hormone

(7 days ago) Let’s talk hormones-they often get a bad rap and are blamed for everything from PMS symptoms to pregnancy mood swings, and food cravings. But, here’s the thing, hormones play so many important roles in supporting our health, and balancing overall health is …

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How can I adjust music during a workout

(Just Now) Premium Music works with AppleTV via Airplay but not with Chromecast due to limitations on that platform. When casting to Chromecast the workout defaults back to playing our Original music station. As soon as the platform is updated to allow us to stream both the workout video & premium music we will update our apps to add support. 4.

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How can I delete my account

(2 days ago) As crazy as it sounds, all our workouts and personalized fitness plans are 100% free with never anything to pay so there is nothing for you to cancel. If you do wish to delete your account: Login t…

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5 Family Fitness Ideas Even Your Mom Can Join in On

(7 days ago) They are relying on home fitness routines and video call apps like Zoom, House Party, or plain old FaceTime to workout together. Not only is getting your sweat on with a loved one a great way to bond, but it’s also a fun thing to do with your mom, aunt, brother, or …

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How do I connect Apple Health

(1 days ago) Connecting Apple Health automatically syncs your FitOn workouts to the Activity & Health apps allowing you to track your activity & close your rings. To enable our Apple Health integration, either: Tap the Allow button on the Apple Health banner at the bottom of the For You tab in the app

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How Lack of Sleep Affects Weight Gain + 3 Hacks to Get

(4 days ago) Sleep How Lack of Sleep Affects Weight Gain + 3 Hacks to Get More Zs. Slacking on sleep may have more to do with weight gain than we think.

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Hello Baby, Goodbye Weight!

(5 days ago) Try an exercise app. Lots of exercise apps have you covered when it comes to formulating a workout plan. FitOn is a totally free app that offers virtual fitness classes led by celebrity trainers that are always open! Plus, you can get your friends in on the action by working out together through the app. The Bottom Line. Whatever you do, don

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12 Mood-Boosting Tricks to Stay Sane

(7 days ago) There are YouTube channels, podcasts, and apps (like MasterClass) that can exercise your brain the way your workout exercises your body. Perhaps by the end of your at-home stint, you’ll be a veritable polyglot! #7 Self Care to the Max.

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5 Easy Ways to Detox Your Mind and Body

(9 days ago) You can open your FitOn app for some gentle flow yoga, and find dozens of free meditation apps on your phone to help you Zen out a little and re-center post Thanksgiving. #3 Gently Move Your Body Throughout the Day . Part of a total body post holiday detox means getting your body moving.

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5 Reasons Why Your Weight Loss Has Plateaued

(1 days ago) Plus, it’s easier than ever to track your food intake with apps like MyFitnessPal and Cron-O-Meter. Gone are the days where you could only log your food intake with pen and paper. Now you can just grab your phone and log it on the go. #2 You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep.

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Why is "Install" greyed out in the Fitbit app

(5 days ago) If you’re seeing the error message below in the Fitbit app when trying to install our app, it means your watch doesn’t have the latest software update. Fitbit

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How do I connect Google Fit

(9 days ago) Connecting Google Fit automatically syncs your FitOn workouts to the Fit app allowing you to earn move minutes and heart points. To enable our Google Fit integration, either: Go to Profile > Set…

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The Fit Girl's Guide to Eating Out

(Just Now) #2 Pass on the Apps. While everyone else at the table may be ordering some apps to snack on, saying no to appetizers will help you save those extra carbs and calories for the actual meal. Appetizers, while delicious, pack in added cals and carbs. Serving sizes are usually as large as the main meal, so you’ll essentially be eating two meals in

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Social Media *Can* Benefit Your Mental Health — If You

(8 days ago) Use social media and apps to carve out one-on-one time with people you love, and people who make you laugh. Set virtual dates, play games, send funny content back and forth, and vent and process frustrations together. Step 4: Find Live Streamed Workouts and Mindfulness Events.

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