Web and Apps Department of Information Technology

James is a Senior Web and Application Developer on the Web Apps team. After growing up in the Bay Area, California, he received his undergraduate degree in advertising from the University of Colorado, Boulder. He’s a self-taught software developer and has been …

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Surveys, apps to track COVID-19 Coronavirus Harvard T

(4 days ago) Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health researchers are using a variety of online surveys and smartphone apps to learn more about the coronavirus—who has it, what symptoms they have, where the disease hot spots are, whether the disease is affecting particular groups more than others, and whether social distancing measures are working.

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Apps and Online Tools for Writing

(7 days ago) This list of apps was curated by CHDS to provide a sampling of writing analysis tools. There are many apps available to analyze your writing, some of which are free to use or operate as a “freemium”- a free basic version with paid add-ons. We have included three apps below along with a Microsoft Word feature. Resources include: Hemingway ($20)

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Microsoft OWA mobile apps are being retired Department

(7 days ago) On May 15, 2018, the OWA mobile apps will stop working. People using Office 365 who try to open the OWA mobile apps will be greeted with a message and a link to download Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android. For more information about this change, please read the …

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Link found between use of dating apps and eating disorders

(Just Now) People who use dating apps appear to have substantially higher odds of having eating disorders compared with those who don’t use the apps, according to a new study from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.. The researchers analyzed data more than 1,700 adults who completed an online survey that asked about their use of dating apps over the past 30 days and whether they engaged in any

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We’re better off when we swipe right on public health

(8 days ago) The way you’re talking with people about sexual health in these apps is really smart.” Anna Fisher-Pinkert: Antón trained peer educators at the clinic on this new approach, using apps like Grindr that are popular with men who have sex with men. And the makeup of the patients at Wyckoff started to change.

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App’s data shows hands-free ‘laws are having an effect but

(5 days ago) App’s data shows hands-free ‘laws are having an effect but they aren’t in enough states to affect the overall levels dramatically’: Research

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HSPH iPhone and Android Apps are Live! Department of

(1 days ago) HSPH iPhone and Android Apps are Live! The content of this post is older than 12 months and it may be outdated. Products or services referenced here may be retired or no longer supported. In early August, the school published its first iPhone and Android mobile application called Harvard Public Health News.

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New symptom tracker launched to fight COVID-19 News

(8 days ago) A new smartphone app is helping track the onset and progression of COVID-19 symptoms of millions across the U.S., with the goal of shedding light on the nature of the disease, identifying those at risk sooner, pinpointing virus hot spots, and helping slow the spread of disease.. The COVID Symptom Tracker was developed by researchers at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Massachusetts

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Install VMWare Horizon Client for Windows Department of

(9 days ago) Please follow the below instructions to install the VMware Horizon Client for Windows. NOTE: Installing this application requires a reboot of your laptop or PC

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VPN – Virtual Private Network Department of Information

(8 days ago) Available Harvard-wide, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure connection between devices and University resources by creating an “encrypted tunnel” for the data communication…

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Social media use can be positive for mental health and

(9 days ago) Emotional connection to social media—for example, checking apps excessively out of fear of missing out, being disappointed about or feeling disconnected from friends when not logged into social media—is negatively associated with all three outcomes. In more general terms, these findings suggest that as long as we are mindful users, routine

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Print Services Department of Information Technology

(5 days ago) Key features and benefits. • Computers connected to School networks can print to any printer to which they have access. • Access to printers can be restricted to certain individuals or groups. • The iPrint client makes it possible to easily install printers and update drivers on client computers.

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IT Requests Forms Department of Information Technology

(8 days ago) Static IP Request – Use this form to request a new static IP for a computer, printer, or other networked equipment. Media Services Request – Use the form on this page to request future assistance from a MediaServices technician for support with a presentation, class, or event. For immediate AV assistance, please call the IT at (617) 432-4357.

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Installing the Kiteworks Outlook Plugin Department of

(9 days ago) The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health I.T. Department is transitioning our Kiteworks, formerly Accellion, file transfer service to join the central Harvard system managed by Harvard Univers…

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Digital Phenotyping and Beiwe Research Platform Onnela

(4 days ago) The Beiwe apps, named Beiwe2 for open source users, are available for free on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. In this model, the investigators using the open source version would naturally be responsible for all expenses.

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Using gay dating apps to promote sexual health News

(8 days ago) A health center in Brooklyn has been incorporating gay dating apps into its efforts to improve sexual health among the diverse and at-risk population it serves. The innovative approach was launched in 2016 at the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center by Antón Castellanos-Usigli, who was serving as the center’s director of HIV/STI prevention programs.

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Install VMWare Horizon Client for Mac Department of

(5 days ago) Please follow the below instructions to install the VMWare Horizon Client for Mac. Download the VMWare Horizon Client installer For macOS 10.14 (Mojave), 10.15

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Department of

(1 days ago) The Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) service allows access to a “virtual” desktop computer running Windows 10 that has all the software our students and staff need. VDI supports enhanced user m…

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IT Services Department of Information Technology

(1 days ago) IT solutions that allow community members to work together. From meeting scheduling to live document co-editing, these services help us connect to one another.

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Maintenance and downtime Department of Information

(9 days ago) The IT Department has successfully completed June server and network maintenance. Please reboot your computer at your earliest convenience. This …

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P Drive to OneDrive Migration Department of Information

(3 days ago) As part of our continuing efforts to make teaching and working from home better and easier, I.T. is pleased to announce that, in collaboration with our partners at HUIT, we launched a project to migrate personal user data stored on network P: drives to OneDrive cloud storage.

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Department of Information Technology Harvard T.H. Chan

(2 days ago) Visit the post for more. We are pleased to announce the release of our new WordPress Training for New Publishers course offered via the Harvard Training Portal.

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Healthy Buildings on the Horizon Harvard Public Health

(8 days ago) Transformative sensors and apps Sitting among the papers on Allen’s desk is a white hexagonal device that looks like a beefed-up smoke detector. It’s one of five commercial environmental sensors with an app through which Allen’s team can continuously monitor VOCs, CO2 ventilation rates, and a host of other environmental conditions in an

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New ‘How We Feel’ app aims to improve COVID-19 response

(7 days ago) April 3, 2020—A new app called “How We Feel” developed by an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional team of researchers, including Xihong Lin, Jukka-Pekka Onnela, Christine Tedijanto, and Yonatan Grad of Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, could help researchers and public health officials pinpoint COVID-19 hotspots, predict areas that could soon see spikes in COVID-19 cases

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Group Chat and Instant Messaging Department of

(3 days ago) Part of the Office365 suite, Microsoft Teams is software that works as a hub for collaboration, allowing you to chat, share and edit files, launch meetings, and more, all in real time.

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Should young children use iPads

(5 days ago) Apps on the iPad and on smartphones typically focus only on one type of learning—“skills and drills”—such as prompting kids to moo when they see a cow on screen, Rich said. “What’s more important at this age is learning how to learn rather than mimicking something,” he told the Post.

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Is it a company’s responsibility to block applications on

(8 days ago) Apple’s Corporate Responsibility for Distracted Driving — The New York Times, January 11, 2017 “Should it be a company’s responsibility to make social media and other distracting apps unworkable when they are used in a moving car?”

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Student VDI Software Inventory Department of Information

(8 days ago) Below is a list of software available on the Student VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) system along with the planned updates to go into effect for Winter Session starting January 4, 2021.. Requesting software. Teaching faculty receive an email, prior to the start of each full term, asking to verify the software needs for their course.

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Changes Coming to the Kiteworks Secure File Transfer

(9 days ago) The new Harvard University Kiteworks system is available now and can be accessed at https://filetransfer.harvard.edu.For more information about the new Kiteworks system, please check the knowledge base articles here. *CHANGES TO REQUEST-A-FILE SERVICE

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Summer Internships Office of Diversity and Inclusion

(8 days ago) Stat Start – A High School Summer Program in Biostatistics StatStart. is a summer course to teach programming in R and basic statistics to underserved minority high school students in the Boston area. Dr. Marcello Pagano, Professor of Biostatistics at the Harvard T. H. Chan School of Public Health, volunteered to act as the program’s supervisor.. . Receiving instruction for two hours a day

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Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) FAQ Department of

(7 days ago) How can I install the VMWare Horizon Client? How do I use VDI? Connection to VDI is available from anywhere on the Internet as well as within the Harvard University network. Login to VDI requires 2…

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Healthy Eating Plate vs. USDA’s MyPlate The Nutrition

(2 days ago) The Healthy Eating Plate, created by experts at Harvard School of Public Health and Harvard Medical School, points consumers to the healthiest choices in the major food groups. The U.S. Department …

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AIDS at 40: Gearing up for the endgame of a global scourge

(1 days ago) Traditional outreach methods weren’t working, so I decided to try reaching out in the space where men talk to each other about sex—dating apps. And it worked. We brought in around a hundred new clients every year with this approach. I’m currently working to expand this initiative in other contexts across the US.

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Food safety, nutrition, and wellness during COVID-19 The

(7 days ago) Download free fitness apps on your smartphone or tablet, or visit YouTube and search for your favorite workout format: yoga, strength, dance, Pilates, walking, high intensity interval training (HITT), or kickboxing. Several fitness centers and experienced fitness trainers are offering live-streamed workouts on Instagram that provide a real-time

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8 Challenges to Customer-Driven Health Care Executive

(8 days ago) Health care is increasingly driven by patients who are behaving more like consumers and customers as they seek the best care at the most affordable price. As …

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For smokers, pandemic poses challenges, triggers News

(3 days ago) The really nice thing is that many of these interventions can be tailored for different populations, such as women, racial and ethnic minorities, people in the military, or non-English speakers. And these apps have been shown to be quite effective, especially when coupled with nicotine-replacement therapies or other cessation medications.

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Staying Relevant in the Midst of Health Care Reform: A

(1 days ago) The passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created numerous challenges—and numerous opportunities—for health care organizations in the United States, according to Professor John McDonough, DrPH, MPA, Director of the Center for Executive and Continuing Professional Education at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, and author of …

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Laurie Sutherland Department of Information Technology

(6 days ago) Laurie Sutherland is a Senior Web and Application Developer. She started at the T.H. Chan School of Public Health in 2011 as a programmer for the Student Information System at the time (Banner/ALIC…

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Manny Adumbire Department of Information Technology

(3 days ago) Manny holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Tufts University. Prior to joining Harvard, Manny worked as a freelance developer and designed software to automate business processes, extract targeted data from the web, and add functionality to websites.

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Measuring Obesity Obesity Prevention Source Harvard T

(2 days ago) Strengths. Standardized cutoff points for overweight and obesity: Normal weight is a BMI between 18.5 and 24.9; overweight is a BMI between 25.0 and 29.9; obesity is a BMI of 30.0 or higher. Hundreds of studies show that a high BMI predicts higher risk of chronic disease and early death.

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Poll: 46% of U.S. households report facing serious

(8 days ago) NPR shares compelling stories, audio and photos with millions of social media users on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapchat; NPR News and NPR One apps, online streaming, podcasts, iTunes radio and connected car dashboards help meet audiences where they are.

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Guillaume Molter Department of Information Technology

(5 days ago) Guillaume is the manager of the Web and Application development team and the digital accessibility liaison for the Harvard Chan School.. Guillaume has a Master’s Degree in I.T. Management from the IAE Savoie Mont-blanc, France.. Before joining Harvard, Guillaume was working in advertising.

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