Introduction to Mobile Application Development IBM

Hybrid apps use a single codebase that can function on either platform. They’re typically coded in a programming language that’s universally recognized, such as Java, JavaScript, HTML or CSS. Because you’re denied access to the operating system’s native APIs, hybrid mobile application development works best for simple web applications

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MaaS360 App Catalog overview

(4 days ago) MaaS360 App Catalog. overview. The MaaS360® App Catalog is a repository for public (store apps), private (purchased), enterprise (custom built apps), and web apps. The App Catalog provides a complete app management lifecycle for your enterprise workforce. You can use the App Catalog to remotely control apps on personal and corporate devices.

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Tracking the status of an app

(6 days ago) Tracking the status of an app. After an app is distributed, you can track the installation status for the app in the App Distribution & Installation Details page. From the MaaS360® Portal Home page, select Apps > Catalog. Find the app that you want to track, and then click MoreApp Distribution & Installation Details.

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Deploying applications in Liberty

(3 days ago) You must create the server-level apps directory, whereas the shared apps directory is present by default. See Liberty: Directory locations and properties for more information about the properties that are associated with the server directories. The application element can be set before or after the server starts. If the element is set after the

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Containerization Explained IBM

(8 days ago) Containerization allows developers to create and deploy applications faster and more securely. With traditional methods, code is developed in a specific computing environment which, when transferred to a new location, often results in bugs and errors. For example, when a developer transfers code from a desktop computer to a virtual machine (VM

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Secure enterprise apps

(4 days ago) App wrapping. App wrapping unwraps the app, injects MaaS360 container security code, and rewraps the entire package. This process occurs automatically by MaaS360 after the app is uploaded to the MaaS360 Portal and the administrator selects the App Wrapping option.. To rewrap your app, MaaS360 needs the following platform-specific artifacts for packaging and signing apps:

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Maximo Anywhere mobile apps

(8 days ago) IBM Maximo Anywhere mobile apps run on the Android, iOS, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. The apps are based on a hybrid application model that combines the benefits of web and native app capabilities. Because the apps are configurable, you can control certain aspects of performance, access to data, and app capabilities.

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IBM Cloud Foundry IBM

(9 days ago) Extend apps with services. Runtimes link IBM Cloud® services to applications as endpoints, giving any instance of an application embedded knowledge of how to manage relevant calls and data. Runtimes manage all linked resources this way. This includes SDKs, APIs (whether as cloud services or from a traditional enterprise as custom services

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Deploying apps to devices

(6 days ago) Deploy apps and updates during non-business hours to avoid interruptions. Test the app for compatibility by deploying the app to selected devices. If you are testing an enterprise app, you can upload multiple versions of the same app so that you can test the pre-release version of the app before you deploy the app to production.

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Configuring app settings in the MaaS360 Portal

(9 days ago) The apps are separated into different sections to make it easy for users to explore and find apps. You can also mark certain apps as Featured apps to display those apps under the Featured section and highlight those apps in the auto-sliding carousel in the end-user App Catalog.

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iOS App Development IBM

(1 days ago) iOS application development is the process of making mobile applications for Apple hardware, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The software is written in the Swift programming language or Objective-C and then deployed to the App Store for users to download. If you’re a mobile app developer, you may have had reservations about iOS

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What is mobile cloud computing

(2 days ago) These mobile apps can be deployed remotely using speed and flexibility and development tools. Mobile cloud applications can be built or revised quickly using cloud services. They can be delivered to many different devices with different operating systems, computing tasks, and data storage.

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How to program messaging apps in JavaScript

(1 days ago) The MQTT messaging client for JavaScript includes a tutorial that demonstrates how to create a simple publish and subscribe web app. By exploring the "First steps, Hello world" application code, you can get a basic understanding of the mechanics of programming web apps for messaging.

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IBM Apple Partnership IBM

(3 days ago) Apps that quickly analyze images, accurately classify visual content and train models using Watson; Learn more about Watson Visual Recognition Services. Easily build apps that leverage IBM Cloud. App development is easier than ever when you build on the newly designed IBM Cloud Developer Console for Apple. Enjoy features like:

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Examples of obtaining Windows app IDs manually

(5 days ago) Example: Obtaining the App Name and Publisher ID for Desktop apps. To allow or block Windows Phone apps for the Application Compliance policy, you must define the app list using app names or the publisher ID. Install the app on a Windows 10 machine. Install PowerShell (if PowerShell is not installed already). Launch PowerShell as the admin.

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How to use IBM App Connect with Slack

(2 days ago) The considerations and steps for connecting App Connect to a Slack account depend on which type of connector you want to use to connect to your Slack account for use in your flows:. If you are using the cloud-managed Slack connector that is hosted in App Connect on IBM Cloud®, see Connecting to Slack from App Connect on IBM Cloud.; If you are using the local Slack connector in an App Connect

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How to check if a QRadar Application (App) is running

(7 days ago) Note: The output of the psql command shows the status of all Apps. The status should show RUNNING. Example: [[email protected] ~]# psql -U qradar -c "select,,i.status,i.task_status,i.managed_host_id, m.hostname from installed_application as i left join managedhost as m on = i.managed_host_id;"

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Live Streaming Apps IBM Watson Media IBM Watson Media

(8 days ago) From using a webcam and a browser, to downloading mobile apps, to professional third party equipment for streaming video. Video quality. Support for high definition or 4K video quality. Content broadcast from mobile phones and other devices is also live transcoded for adaptive bitrate streaming, giving viewers an optimal user experience based

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Adding and distributing Apple VPP apps

(3 days ago) Distribute Apple VPP apps to users or devices after you add the apps to the MaaS360® App Catalog. Procedure. Click Add in the iTunes App Store App. Search for the app and click Submit. Note: Do not distribute the app from this screen if you want to choose between the Device (default method) or …

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DevOps for mobile apps challenges and best practices – IBM

(9 days ago) DevOps is an approach that works for all applications and components — from front-end mobile apps, to middleware, to backend server components and data stores. Apply the practices and principles of DevOps across all dev and ops teams in the enterprise to enable continuous delivery of all of these components.

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QRadar: Review logs for applications errors

(2 days ago) Resolving The Problem. QRadar apps run in a docker container, each app has its own set of logs, which can be accessed in two ways: Connecting to the docker container can be done by leveraging an existing QRadar support script called recon. The following link provides detailed information about recon. Using SSH, log in to the QRadar Console as

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Adding a public app for Android Enterprise

(2 days ago) Public apps are free apps that are generally available in the Google Play Store. You can browse and add any public app using the Managed Google Play iFrame and distribute to Android Enterprise devices. This feature is supported on all Android Enterprise deployment scenarios: Device Owner (DO), Profile Owner (PO), and Corporate-Owned Single-Use (COSU).

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QRadar: How to use Recon to troubleshoot QRadar applications

(7 days ago) Recon lists what apps should exist according to the QRadar API, and also what containers are currently running on the current host. These might not be the same set. When given an app ID, or a combination of workload, service, and container, recon connect allows you to run a specific command inside of a specific container.

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IBM Cloud Code Engine IBM

(7 days ago) IBM Cloud Code Engine is a fully managed serverless platform that can be used to host cloud native applications whether those are container images, 12-factor apps, functions, batch jobs or just a piece of code. Developers get the best of all worlds by simply choosing which runtime feature they want instead of having to choose one type of

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Rational Rhapsody JAVA API – Code Snippets & Helper Apps.

(6 days ago) Rational Rhapsody JAVA API – Code Snippets & Helper Apps gives you a better reason to eye such custom helper applications with confidence. This first of its kind document, Rational Rhapsody JAVA API – Code Snippets & Helper Apps is a veritable treasure for all those who have a working knowledge of Rational Rhapsody Java API and an incentive

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IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service IBM

(4 days ago) IBM Cloud® Kubernetes Service is a managed offering built for creating a Kubernetes cluster of compute hosts to deploy and manage containerized apps on IBM Cloud. A certified Kubernetes solution, it provides intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling and more. Learn to deploy and operate a Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud — at

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Data and Analytics Services on IBM Cloud IBM

(Just Now) Integrate powerful services into your applications and solutions. On the IBM Cloud® platform, it’s easier to choose a combination of services that application developers, data scientists and data engineers can use to complement their existing architecture and compose an effective business solution. Explore services on the IBM Cloud.

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Archived Deploy a simple Python application with

(6 days ago) (note the period to indicate we’re in our apps top level directory). For example: docker build -t app:latest . Run your container locally and test. After you build your image succesfully, type: docker run -d -p 5000:5000 app. This command will create a container that contains all the application code and dependencies from the image and runs

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QRadar: Starting apps that are in an ERROR state or do not

(3 days ago) Installed Apps do not display as a tab in the banner. Apps display as a tab, but the contents list an error, such as Bad Gateway, 404 error, or missing visualizations and data. The Assistant app shield is not being displayed in the banner of the user interface.

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Error detection and handling with Redis

(Just Now) Guidance on how to develop applications that are resilient to temporary network blips. This article shows an example of using retry logic in a Redis client library to illustrate the steps you can take to design a self-healing connection to a persistent data store or a cache.

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