Best Parental Control & Monitoring App For iPhone And

Parental Control Apps are useful in making sure your child is only accessing child-safe content on the internet. Photo: pixabay (CC0) However, there are …

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Best iPhone Apps To Use For Accurate COVID-19 Information

(Just Now) Some apps, such as The Boston Globe's STAT news, also offer more resources on the matter. Apple News. Lastly, those who don't have time to download apps

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Douyin Vs Tiktok: What Is The Difference Between The Two Apps

(1 days ago) As the parent company ByteDance looks to go public in an early IPO, users of the popular social media platform TikTok may wonder what is the difference …

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iOS 14 Update Brings Features That Will Kill These Apps

(2 days ago) Many of these features seem to have been borrowed or copied from third-party apps and services, iPhoneHacks noted. Many third-party apps offer features that cannot be found in Apple's native apps

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iOS 14 Tip: How To Customize App Icons On Home Screen

(8 days ago) The interface and apps on a typical iPhone screen. Photo: ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images. That said, the method does allow for deeper …

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How-To Install Google Android Apps On Your Kindle Fire

(9 days ago) If you're looking to download a few Google Android apps without the hassle of rooting your Kindle Fire, we offer you five easy steps for downloading any …

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The US Is 'Looking At' Banning Chinese-Owned Apps

(2 days ago) KEY POINTS. Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo told Fox News the administration might ban Chinese-owned apps ; One of the apps under consideration …

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How To Get Back Windows 10 Apps That Disappeared After An

(6 days ago) Getting the applications back is straightforward. Just reinstall them. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s a simple button to put the apps back where they were on the new version, even

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How To Turn Off Smartphone Apps That Track You In The

(7 days ago) Smartphone apps have long tracked a user's location through the device's built-in GPS, but a growing number now use nearby Wi-Fi networks. Those concerned about iPhone and Android privacy have

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These Apps Send Data To Facebook Without You Knowing It

(4 days ago) User data shared to Facebook by these apps include analytics, Android ID, and many others. For instance, Kayak, which is a travel search engine, was found …

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Apple Has Removed The Built-In App Store In iTunes 12.7

(6 days ago) Once users update to iTunes 12.7, the only way to download/redownload apps is directly through the App Store on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple has also made some changes on where other

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New 'Uber For Escorts' Rendevu App Helps Sex Workers Stay Safe

(8 days ago) Could apps help keep sex workers safe? The risk of assault is a huge issue in the sex industry. A report by the British House of Commons found …

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iOS 14 Tip: How To Use App Library

(2 days ago) Delete apps from App Library. Users can also delete apps from the App Library by pressing and holding on the app's icon, then tapping on the Delete option that appears.

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Two US-Based Airlines Now Using Digital COVID-19 'Passport'

(9 days ago) There are now two U.S. airlines that have created apps and online resources to help with COVID-19 travel information.

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Developers Launch New Android App That Makes Pebble

(4 days ago) A team of developers recently launched a modern Android app that can make the apps on the discontinued Pebble smartwatch "sideload" easily and work on new Android devices.

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Best Cryptocurrency Apps 2021: Credit Card, Exchange

(8 days ago) So if you want to get a piece of the pie, here are the best cryptocurrency apps to use. Online wallets and digital currencies Evolution is a natural thing and occurs in many industries.

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macOS Catalina Tip: How To Fix Apps That Won’t Launch

(5 days ago) Still, there are ways to launch those unknown apps – Cupertino didn't really slam the doors on running third-party unknown apps; users simply have …

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Google Finalizes A Timeline To Phase Out Chrome Apps

(9 days ago) Google has revealed a timeline to phase out Chrome Apps across Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS. Back in 2016, the tech giant announced that it would pull the plug on Chrome Apps.

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How To Install Google Play Store On Amazon Fire Tablet

(Just Now) Once the apps have been installed, users will need to hold the power button down, tap on “OK” to turn the device off, then turn the device on again. Once the device is up and running, users

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Here's How Windows 10 Users Can Run Android Apps On Their

(5 days ago) Microsoft is rolling out an update to Windows 10 that will allow users to open and use their Android smartphone's apps on their computers. The feature is currently available for Windows Insiders

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New App Could Detect COVID-19 By Listening To Coughs

(8 days ago) A team of researchers from MIT is working on an app that uses an AI capable of detecting COVID-19 infection via forced coughs. The AI was able to …

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Little Evidence To Support Claims That 80,000 Educational

(4 days ago) Avoid apps that keep children's attention through passive activities, like repetitive swiping. Instead, look for apps that require real mental effort …

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iPhone SE: Best Apps For Apple’s Budget-Friendly Smartphone

(5 days ago) Here's a quick look at some of the best apps to download and install on a 2020 iPhone SE. These will help users enjoy their handset more and make the best use of it every time.

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Top 10 Life-Saving iOS and Android Apps

(6 days ago) Here is the list of the top 10 life-saving apps. Disaster Readiness: The Disaster Readiness app, available in the iTunes store, is one of the most essential apps

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Dating App Tips: When Should You Send That Second Text

(7 days ago) The advice could be useful for the 15 percent of American adults who have used online dating sites or mobile dating apps, Pew Research Center found. The number of 18- …

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Microsoft Windows 10 To Run Android, iOS Apps (Sort Of)

(8 days ago) Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled a plan to make forthcoming Windows 10 PCs, tablets and smartphones compatible with apps previously written …

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Apple iOS App Store Gets First Virus: Learn About The App

(5 days ago) Apple has been known in the mobile and PC world for its resistance to viruses and malware. However, the iOS App Store has just been infected with its first case of malware, causing newly updated apps

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16GB iPhone Low On Storage

(8 days ago) Delete And Reinstall Apps. This may sound counterintuitive at first, but deleting an app and reinstalling can save you hundreds of megabytes of space. The reason for this is …

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Best Workout Apps Of 2019: Free Apps To Help You Lose Weight

(5 days ago) More and more apps are being developed, all geared towards one goal: to help you lose weight from the comfort of your phone. Here are the best workout apps

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Top 10 Most Android ‘App-Crazed’ Countries

(1 days ago) Probably this is because the craze of Americans for apps is divided between Apple’s App Store and Google’s Android Market. Incidentally, the App Store reached 15 …

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Kindle Fire for Kids: Best Children’s Books, Apps and

(7 days ago) Top Apps for Kids There are an endless number of fun and educational apps that children will enjoy using. The most popular children's apps are iStoryBooks, Dr. Seuss books, Kids Place …

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Apple iOS 13 Tip: How To Check iPhone App Updates

(7 days ago) Apple also tweaked the update section to allow users to delete or uninstall apps directly from the App Store. A new “delete” option will appear when users swipe left on any update or recently

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Apple iOS 14.5: Grayed Out App Tracking Transparency

(3 days ago) ATT allows users to prevent apps from tracking their online activities It is part of Apple’s effort to be recognized as the platform of privacy Several users reported their tracking options were

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Apple TV Tip: How To Close Apps

(9 days ago) Some Apple TV apps might malfunction and stop working, which can be irritating depending on the user's level of patience. Force closing a malfunctioning app might get …

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Security Firm Provides Tips On How To Remove Malicious

(4 days ago) But, if those apps use the generic Android symbol or icon like a little greenish-blue Android silhouette or have a generic-sounding name like Back Up, the Android user need to …

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Is Apple Releasing New Apps For Windows 10

(7 days ago) The long-running app was replaced by the Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Podcast apps in iOS 13, macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13. The Cupertino tech giant, however, retained iTunes for Windows computers.

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Android Vulnerability Exposes Almost All Apps To Attacks

(5 days ago) It orchestrates its evil by utilizing a weakness in the multitasking system of Android to execute attacks that allow malicious apps to hide in plain sight by posing as legit apps. The bad app can

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iOS 13, iPadOS 13 Tip: How To Manage Apps

(8 days ago) Deleting apps iOS/iPadOS 13.2 makes it easy to delete apps right there on the Home Screen. To delete a specific app, all users need to do is press …

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Android Apps You Should Uninstall Right Now

(5 days ago) The Google Play Store is, unfortunately, home to a lot of adware and “clickfraud” apps for Android devices. A recent research has shed some light on this epidemic and found that the following

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Apple To Block iPhone And iPad Apps That Skirt Privacy Rules

(Just Now) Apple's ATT measures give users an option to allow or deny apps from tracking them The company has issued a list of do’s and don’ts for app developers Developers won't be …

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TikTok, Other Popular iPhone Apps Exposed For ‘Snooping’

(1 days ago) These apps include popular social media apps like TikTok and news apps The researchers don't know what the apps do with the text they read from the pasteboard Apple's pasteboard is …

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Indian Startups Band Up Against Google Dominance, Want To

(4 days ago) The Silicon Valley giant shared data that showed that consumer expenditure on apps and games developed by Indian developers doubled in 2020 from a year ago, according to the NDTV report.

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iOS 14 Tip: How To Hide Home Screen App Pages On iPhone

(Just Now) It's easy to hide Home Screen App Pages in iOS 14, MacRumors noted. Here's how: First, on an iPhone running iOS 14, users should press and hold on …

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Apps, Services Apple Is Killing With iOS 13’s Release

(5 days ago) Apps like Swype, Gboard and SwiftKey may be rendered obsolete on the iOS if the apps don’t start to offer more advantages than Apple’s upcoming keyboard. Lost Phone Tracker .

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Facebook Suspends 'Tens Of Thousands' Of Apps As Part Of

(8 days ago) The number of apps suspended is much higher than originally reported. Facebook initially suspended 200 apps in May 2018 and 200 more the following August.

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iPhone X Tips: How To Close Apps And Turn Off Device

(2 days ago) Closing apps on an iPhone X is actually pretty simple, even without a home button. Users need only swipe up from the bottom of the display to close an all or go to the home screen.

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