Virtual reality band apps we'd like to see Louder

You need to obtain three separate apps to get the full ELP VR effect - the Emerson app, the Lake app and the Palmer app. Like his drum kit, the Palmer headset periodically levitates and rotates, offering the viewer a chance to endure the authentic motion sickness that is such an important part of the virtual reality experience.

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Together we're Louder Louder

(8 days ago) Louder is supported by its audience. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more Download Pilot as it happens: Music, moshing and a whole lotta rain Here’s what happened as it happened at Download Pilot Festival – the return of bands, fans and

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Best music streaming services 2021: how do Spotify, TIDAL

(3 days ago) Music streaming is the norm these days, but are you getting the best audio quality for the best price? We weigh up the pros and cons of the best music streaming services available today to help you decide if Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, or another service is for you.

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Best media streamers 2021: enjoy streaming movies and TV

(3 days ago) Other apps include BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV; some but not all of these are grouped under a TV app umbrella. This box is also home to the new Apple TV+ streaming service. Picture quality is first rate, and there’s Dolby Atmos sound on a wide range of iTunes movies, too.

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The best Father’s Day gifts for music lovers: Get your dad

(6 days ago) Apps and video are excellent. Has your father ever bought a guitar or bass with the intention of learning how to play but got sidetracked and it’s now gathering dust in the loft? If that rings a bell, then a subscription to Fender Play might be just what he needs to blow away the dust and cobwebs and get back in the groove.

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8 best phones for music 2021: Top-rated smartphones with

(3 days ago) The fact that the LG G8S ThinQ also uses a headphone port means you can pair it with the best over-ear headphones for an audio experience that is as high quality as you can get on the move.. All that audio prowess and it's the LG G8S ThinQ is a top-performing smartphone too, with a 6.1-inch QHD+ notch display, dual cameras, Snapdragon 855 CPU backed by 6GB of RAM and an IP68 …

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Best Blu-ray players 2021: including the best 4K Blu-ray

(7 days ago) In addition to Blu-ray playback (both 4K UHD discs and regular HD ones, including 3D platters), it’ll spin CDs and stream music from connected network storage devices. There’s also Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube apps on board. Image quality is great for the price. HDR support covers both HDR10 and HDR10+, but not Dolby Vision.

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The managers that built prog: Peter Eden Louder

(6 days ago) Eden wrote and produced the songs and the stories, often with Heron guitarist Roy Apps, who was instrumental in the TV show’s inception – although he isn’t necessarily aware of that fact. “Roy rang me up in the middle of the night when I was managing Heron, said he was stuck in Spain and could I send him some money.

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Best budget noise cancelling headphones 2021: Listen for

(6 days ago) They also feature Bose AR, a unique audio-only augmented reality platform, which detects the orientation of your head in order to work in conjunction with a number of AR augmented apps to deliver a more immersive audio experience. Which is clever but probably a bit pointless.

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Living with tinnitus: "We all love music – why would we

(7 days ago) For me, using earplugs, distancing myself from speakers, drinking water, using apps/music as a distraction and not catastrophising are still useful strategies. I know that it’s worse when I drink alcohol, or when I’m tired, hungry, cold, ill or pre-menstrual, and being aware of those fluctuations helps me stay calm.

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Candlebox return with Disappearing In Airports Louder

(9 days ago) “Dating apps, bitching apps, secret sharing apps, apps, apps, apps – they all operate outside of any real or authentic human connection. It’s disconnect everywhere and it’s destroying us. No one cares what anyone else thinks or feels. It’s all ‘me, me, me’ and, if you ask me, it’s fucking sad.”

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Brian May has launched a Queen 3-D competition and would

(7 days ago) In 2017 he also launched two augmented reality apps for Halloween. Now he wants fans to recreate a scene from Queen's history, then turn it into stereoscopic image using a smartphone app (we're told 3D Photo for iPhone or 3DSteroid for Android will do the job).

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Rush: a guide to their best albums Louder

(Just Now) Then a pair of beautiful love songs – Entre Nous and Different Strings – hinted at a more romantic future. But rather than getting soppy, the album closes with a three-parter, Natural Science, that is both big and clever. View Deal. A Farewell To Kings …

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Brian May launches two augmented reality apps for

(2 days ago) Brian May has released two augmented reality apps. The first, Diableries, is a digital sequel to May’s Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, a book published in 2013 with historians Paula Fleming and Denis Pellerin. The book was a tribute to Les Diableries, a series of 3D stereoscopic cards published in Paris in the 1860s. The cards depicted scenes of daily life in Hell, starring a

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Gear 59: Media Streamers Louder

(Just Now) Our cheapest streamer actually comes from one of the big names in hi-fi. The Heos Link emerged about a year ago from Denon, a brand that audio lovers will be familiar with. Of our trio of streamers it scores highest for ease of use as its interface, controlled via iOs or Android apps, is really intuitive and simple.

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The best Memorial Day sales 2021: Save big on Apple

(6 days ago) The 4K revolution is well underway and if you’re looking to join in the fun, then Best Buy have a sweet deal right now. This model has a 55” screen and has all your favourite streaming apps built in. It’s also an excellent TV if you’re rocking a PS5 or Xbox Series X.View Deal

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Dream Theater’s Rudess hails Apple's tech Louder

(4 days ago) He’s released a selection of music apps on both iPhone and iPad via his company Wizdom and he reveals he was inspired to create by the possibilities of the tech firm’s devices.. He tells FreqsTV: “When the iPhone first came out it was a chance to put my hands on a multi-touch device.

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Daudi Matsiko geeks out over the best gadgets for

(8 days ago) There are two apps I use for making music on my phone. The Shure Motiv App and the Harmonic Dog DAW. They’re both super-basic and straight-forward – I’ve tried a bunch of different recording apps and mobile DAWS on my iPhone over the years, and these two do a …

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A year without gigs: why we vow never to take live music

(Just Now) A year without gigs: why we vow never to take live music for granted again. Today marks a year since the UK was officially put into lockdown – and a year since any of us last went to a proper gig. Here, we look back at how a year without live music has forced us to reconsider our gig habits. March 13 2021 marked the first anniversary of my

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The 9 best eReaders 2021: Kindles and Kobos for music book

(2 days ago) Buying an iPad for reading only really makes sense if you have a large budget, love comics or you want to use the Apple tablet for more than just reading, whether that’s work emails, drawing apps, games or social media. Best eReaders: Buying advice

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Features Archive August 2019 Louder

(2 days ago) The 10 best music apps to download right now Tool: the ultimate timeline of new album Fear Inoculum Def Leppard's Joe Elliott: The 10 Records That Changed My Life

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Prog Me: Sharon den Adel Louder

(7 days ago) OK COMPUTER? I’m always finding new apps for my iPhone – I use CameraBag and Photo POW! to make silly pictures when I have time to kill. I’ve just downloaded another one that gives you low-cost phone calls from the USA, which is really useful when I’m travelling and need to call home.

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Peter Gabriel helps scientists analyse link between music

(1 days ago) According to the Boston Globe, the researchers have been tracking songs on apps like Spotify to see how they influence biometric data created through health apps and wearable devices. Sync Project co-founder Marko Ahtisaari says using artists to help analyse the data will help enhance the creative process.

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Buy an Amazon Fire HD8 or HD8 Plus and get 3 months of

(9 days ago) As an extra bonus, they also have Alexa built in, allowing you to access music, videos, open apps and more with the power of your voice. The tablets come in four colours: Black, Plum, Twilight Blue, White and Slate, with each model available with either 32GB or 64GB of storage.

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Lydon reveals £10,000 app spending spree Louder

(4 days ago) And the singer, who launched his autobiography Anger Is An Energy: My Life Uncensored last month, says he spent the money because he wanted to get a little bit of his childhood back.. He tells The Telegraph: “I wasted 10,000 fucking pounds in the last two years on apps on my iPad.I got into Game of Thrones, Game of War, Real Racing, and I just wanted to up the ante.

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Black Friday 2020 iPad deals: grab a bargain on Apple's

(8 days ago) For musicians, the iPad has become a great music-making tool, with a fantastic range of DAWs (digital audio workstations), synths, effects and other apps. You can edit video on it and publish to the web. For music fans, it's a great second screen for streaming YouTube videos or watching Netflix, as well as Facetiming, streaming music and more.

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Big Big Train: The Underfall Yard album review Louder

(3 days ago) Big Big Train are proof that good things come to those who wait; the British prog flag bearers claimed their first Top 40 album with 2019’s Grand Tour, nearly 30 years after they formed. The Underfall Yard, released a decade earlier in 2009, was a key staging post on their long crawl to success. BBT had already released five albums by that point, to various levels of acclaim from the prog

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FREE download: Ozzy Osbourne iPad supplement Louder

(6 days ago) The supplement is free to anyone downloading the Classic Rock or Metal Hammer apps (also free!) and is available exclusively via TeamRock until October 31. _Memoirs Of A Madman is available to purchase now. _ Louder Newsletter.

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Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 speaker review Louder

(Just Now) Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1 is lightweight, stylish and fits right in the palm of your hand! The battery life is excellent too, lasting up to 24 hours but how does it rank compared to other Bluetooth speakers on the market? We asked our buds at What Hi-Fi and TechRadar for their opinions on the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A1.

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The 8 best tablet deals this Amazon Prime Day Louder

(8 days ago) They range from tablets that are great for streaming movies and playing games, to tablets you can make music on – a vast catalogue of music-making apps combined with a snappy, intuitive workflow has made iPads a quality little studio device for many – and you can even use them for business to replace that old laptop.

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We get to grips with Kirk Hammett's new amp head Louder

(4 days ago) We get to grips with Kirk Hammett's new amp head. Despite Metallica’s global status, guitarists James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett have resisted the temptation to become out-and-out gear whores. Although both of them have enjoyed a fertile relationship with ESP Guitars and EMG pickups for many years, Hetfield has never actually put his name to a

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Black Stone Cherry: A Year In The Life Louder

(4 days ago) Black Stone Cherry: A Year In The Life. Take a peek into the private photo albums of John Fred Young, Jon Lawhon, Chris Robertson and Ben Wells…. We stole the phones of the BSC boys and raided their camera apps to discover what they get up to …

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Kevin Godley releases new video for Expecting A Message

(8 days ago) I guess it’s a performance film of sorts, all shot within a hundred yard radius of home and, at the risk of this sounding like a commercial, it would’ve been impossible without my iPhone X, Adobe Premier Pro and Wondershare Filmora editing software and two supremely cool apps

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Features Archive November 2014 Louder

(2 days ago) Virtual reality band apps we'd like to see First Listen: AC/DC's Rock Or Bust November 24; Flash Metal Suicide: EZO AC/DC bust out Rock Or Bust at The Rock This Week In Metal (17/11/14 - 23/11/14) New Blood: Falls November 23; When Whitesnake met the Hammersmith Choir Tracks Of The Week: 17/11/14 - 23/11/14 November 21; Classic Rock's Tracks of

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Brian May launches Virtual Reality headset Louder

(9 days ago) Plus, with the apps that are available for smartphones, it’s now possible to take your own 3D images and enjoy them instantly using this simple OWL Kit.” In our exclusive video, below, May talks about how the viewer is the result of a life-long dream, why he’d love Freddie Mercury to have been involved, and whether a holographic image of

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16 ways to support the musicians, record stores, venues

(1 days ago) You don't even have to watch alone – you can have watch parties with friends via apps like Zoom, or you can start one on Facebook with any video already uploaded there. Self Isolation is bring us closer to artists. Our site site GuitarWorld has a new series called Sick Riffs with guitarists showing you hwo to play like them. Learn how to play

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Raw power: Chord Mojo Headphone Amp Louder

(1 days ago) So you’ve got your spanking new phone, with enough megabytes of memory to suck up every music track in the iTunes catalogue, enough apps to use a different one every day for the rest of your life, and a camera with so many megapixels that you can zoom in …

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Brian May's Diableries exhibition comes to London this

(6 days ago) Two years ago Queen guitarist Brian May launched a pair of augmented reality apps for Halloween, and now he's back with another horror-related project.Alongside fellow curators Denis Pellerin and Paula Fleming, May is holding an exhibition of 19th century three-dimensional 'Diableries' cards. The cards are stereoscopic photographs of hellish landscapes and creatures, originally modelled from

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Video Premiere: Your Favorite Enemies

(8 days ago) Genuine is key, if it’s stardom you’re after instead of being relevant and faithful to who you truly are, you should have learned to kick a football, to create apps or to attend music business for dummies, as they are the new rock stars.

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Monkees bassist Peter Tork dead at 77 Louder

(Just Now) Monkees keyboardist, bassist and singer Peter Tork has died. He was 77. The news was confirmed in a statement on Tork's official Facebook page, which read, "It is with beyond-heavy and broken hearts that we share the devastating news that our friend, mentor, teacher, and amazing soul, Peter Tork, has passed from this world."We want to thank each and every one of you for your love, …

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Best Bose headphones deals June 2021: make huge savings on

(7 days ago) The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are also compatible with Bose AR – the company’s groundbreaking platform that enables a range of exciting augmented reality experiences through supporting apps.

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Microsoft’s Cyber Monday deals are on

(3 days ago) Microsoft are offering customers $80 off the list price of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It’s durable, is resistant to water up to 50 meters and is compatible with a wide range of apps. Not only that, but it looks great too. View Deal

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The best deals on Bose Noise Cancelling headphones 700

(7 days ago) The Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 are also compatible with Bose AR – the company’s groundbreaking new platform that enables a range of exciting augmented reality experiences through supporting apps.

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