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5 Online Translation Tools to Learn Elvish

(3 days ago) Hand-held devices also have Elvish translator apps. Elfic is one such app that is available on the Play Store. Similarly, here’s an app available on the App Store that provides users with Elvish translations.

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13 Most Popular Fanfiction Websites You'll Browse

(5 days ago) Fanfiction websites are a great tool for budding writers to easily showcase their talent to a large audience at once, share their creativity, and get reviews from like-minded people. Penlighten gives you a list of 13 most popular fanfiction websites.

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Tips and Examples to Create Catchy Titles and Get More

(6 days ago) An attractive title can trigger reader response, as your title is a snapshot of what to expect in your essay or book. Catchy titles for essays, newsletters, articles, blogs, science projects and autobiographies have a big effect on your readership.

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Character Sketch Template

(8 days ago) A template that helps you outline a character sketch is the stepping stone to devising a character with an intense personality. Such a template has been provided here. Take a look.

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Descriptive Writing: Definition, Tips, Examples, and

(2 days ago) Descriptive writing is about using the power of words to arouse the imagination, capture the attention, and create a lasting impact in the mind of the reader. In this article, you'll learn how to employ descriptive elements in your writing, tips to enhance your descriptive writing skills, and some exercises to …

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Use Awesome Adjectives to Describe Yourself and Boost Your

(4 days ago) There are times when you are asked to describe yourself in a few words and you are at a complete loss of words. This article provides you with some adjectives to describe yourself in such situations.

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Executive Summary Example for a Proposal

(7 days ago) An executive summary for a proposal is a brief description that summarizes your business plan. It gives the investor a brief idea about who you are, what you specialize in, …

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Interesting Topics to Write About

(6 days ago) We know we want to write, but when it comes down to putting pen on paper, we're often lost about what we should write. Will it be interesting? Will it make a difference? Should I just pen what I think, or is that too personal? If you're confused, here are some interesting topics to inspire great writing.

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Impress Everyone By Reciting These Easy-to-Memorize Poems

(5 days ago) These days, people find it easier to actually read a poem than memorize it. However reading poems at events and competitions does not actually make the right impression. Most people expect you to recite poems. Nevertheless, if you have never memorized a poem, you may find it a tad difficult. There are several ways in which you can learn to memorize it by heart.

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10 Motifs and Symbolism in The Great Gatsby

(5 days ago) Set in the '20s, The Great Gatsby tells the story through a third-person perspective, of Jay Gatsby, an enigmatic millionaire who throws first-rate parties. This article highlights the symbolism in The Great Gatsby, and the various themes prevalent in that era.

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List of Different Languages

(Just Now) Language is the medium of communication between humans. There are thousands of languages which are spoken around the world. When one has to talk about languages, there can be sign language, written language, and spoken language.

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