The Best Video Editing Courses To Edit Like a Pro (Updated

The course also comes with a bonus Gear & Apps PDF. Key course features: 9 Video lessons in HD; 1h 25m of class content; Lifetime access, anywhere, anytime; Streaming and offline access on desktop and mobile; Offline sync with our iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee => Enroll in the iPhone Video Editing CreativeLive Course here.

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8 Best Public Speaking Courses Online to Enhance Your

(9 days ago) Offline sync with our iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee; By the end of the course, you'll have discovered useful techniques to infuse your public speaking with humor, fun, and confidence! => Enroll in the Improv Thinking and Presentations course here. Final Thoughts

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6 Best Stress Management Courses to Keep You Calm and

(1 days ago) Offline sync with iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee; The overall goal of this class is to help you develop a framework for evaluating your stress levels and your behavioral responses, so you can identify cues that will enable you to get back on course. => Enroll in the Stress is …

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7 Best UX Design Courses Online to Transform Your Design

(3 days ago) You’ll also learn current best practices and conventions in UX design and apply them to create effective and compelling screen-based experiences for websites or apps. Program Syllabus: Course 1: Visual Elements of User Interface Design; Course 2: UX Design Fundamentals; Course 3: Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture

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12 Best Personal Development Courses to Step Up Your Game

(4 days ago) Offline sync with iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee; This personal development course will help gain a greater understanding of the physiological impact of stress, so you can minimize the disruption it has on your body and life. => Enroll in the Stress is Optional online course here. 5. The Super Reading Program (Mindvalley)

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The Importance of Mental Space

(7 days ago) Finishing tasks can also help you free up mental space. Lingering tasks can fill up our mental space the way that idle apps fill up digital cache. Finish using the 'app' and swipe it from your screen. This enables you to move on. What lingering task can you complete in the next few hours or next few days? On a physical level, sleep can be very

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Everyday Ways to Take Care of Your Brain

(1 days ago) Think about all the games you like to play that encourage the thinking process. Have a go at solving riddles or challenge your friend to a game of chess. Many people have apps on their phone like Lumosity that they like using before work or school to really wake their brain up and get ready for the day.

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10 Best Machine Learning Books to Read in 2021

(8 days ago) Machine learning algorithms power the world around us, affecting various aspects of our everyday lives, from product recommendations on our grocery apps to fraud detection systems at our local banking services. Below is a list of the best machine learning books that provide a clear explanation of how exactly machine learning works.

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Companies That Are Profiting From the Coronavirus Pandemic

(9 days ago) Grocery delivery apps have begun seeing record numbers of daily downloads as the pandemic spreads. Instacart is now seeing an uptick in volume of orders as delivery becomes a safer option. Suddenly, the danger of the coronavirus and the practice of social distancing means fewer trips to the grocery store and more reliance on delivery platforms

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Burn the Boats vs Plan B

(5 days ago) It's a way to keep from going back. For example, if you want to eat healthier, you throw out all the sugary snacks and other junk food in your pantry. Or a person who wants to focus on work and minimize distractions from social media might delete Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other apps from her phone. That is burning the boats.

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8 Best Personal Branding Courses to Transform Your Life

(1 days ago) Offline sync with iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee => Enroll in the Personal Branding for Creative Professionals online course here. 3. Personal Branding Mastery: The System To Reinvent Yourself (Udemy)

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6 Best Confidence Courses Online to Boost Your Self-Esteem

(9 days ago) The Confidence Life Coach Certification is one of the best confidence courses online for life coaches who are looking for resources to help clients boost their self-esteem.. As a life coach, it's common to come across clients who have great ideas and potential - and maybe even a solid plan - yet they don't have the confidence to actually follow through with their goals.

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How to Save Money on Clothes

(9 days ago) There are apps like Vinted, where you can sell, swap and buy second-hand clothing or clothes that you don’t need. Vinted has the features of a social networking service and you can directly communicate to buy and sell. Vinted in free on iOS and Android app stores. Here are some other popular sites for selling clothes that you don’t wear: Twice

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What To Do on a Rainy Day At Home

(4 days ago) What a good time to collect all your photos together and make a photo album. This can be a fun and entertaining use of your time. You may want to look through old photos ,organize and even edit them with some cool apps. If you are feeling extra creative you could even create a quirky scrapbook to store some of those good memories.

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The Hilarious Struggles of Being Forgetful

(9 days ago) Today I come at you with: The Hilarious Struggles of Being Forgetful. Here are things you will only understand if you tend to be extremely forgetful. Have a peek.

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6 Best Fintech Courses

(1 days ago) Perhaps you think of popular payment companies like PayPal, mobile banking apps like Chime, or even digital currency exchange platforms like Coinbase. Companies like these are rapidly changing the future of finance, with many traditional banks actively investing in fintech initiatives in order to stay relevant and attuned to customer needs.

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7 Best Career Development Courses to Enroll in Online

(2 days ago) Offline sync with our iPhone & iPad apps; 100% satisfaction guarantee => Enroll in the Build Your Network and a Dream Career course here. 5. Interviewing and Resume Writing in …

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