Top Docker Tools: 50 Third-Party Docker Apps for Developers

Is an essential tool for Dockerized apps as they are complex, and errors occur at every level Avoids alert fatigue by ensuring the right alert reaches the right …

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The Best Tools for Building Progressive Web Apps – Stackify

(Just Now) Peregrine and Venia, repositories providing visual elements for progressive apps development. Shared Magento server, and other tools. The best …

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How to Build Cross-Platform .NET Core Apps – Stackify

(Just Now) Before we run the apps, we need to publish them, as you would do in production, to get a release build. For Windows, we can follow the same steps for both …

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25 App Developers and Cloud Pros Reveal the Biggest

(8 days ago) “The biggest advantage to hosting your apps in the cloud is…” The ability to quickly and cost-effectively support significant traffic growth and spikes. We have seen many sites become inaccessible due to unplanned traffic spikes, such as on Shark Tank appearances, TVG during the Kentucky Derby, or Lumber 84 during the Super Bowl.

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Top Software Deployment Tools: 25 Useful Tools to

(7 days ago) Top Deployment Tools. 1. Bamboo. @Atlassian. Atlassian’s Bamboo is a continuous integration server that automates release management for applications and general software, allowing teams to establish a streamlined pipeline of build delivery. It ties automated builds, testing, and releases into an integrated workflow.

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Most Useful Command Line Tools: 50 Cool Tools to Improve

(4 days ago) Pocket is one of the most well-known bookmarking apps that you can find, and it’s extremely reliable for saving and storing your most favorite links on the web. The pockyt library helps you manage your Pocket account right from the terminal. This command-line client interfaces the Pocket API and provides a way to interact with your pocket

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Azure App Services: 3 Limitations & 9 Awesome Features

(6 days ago) 1. Easiest Way to Deploy Apps to the Cloud. If you are using Visual Studio, deploying your application to Azure is just a couple of clicks. You can also deploy your app automatically via git, Powershell, and other options. Azure automatically handles deploying your code to multiple servers and high availability. Deployments are very fast.

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Web Application Performance: 7 Common Problems and How to

(6 days ago) One of the cornerstones of a successful business in today’s digital environment is ensuring that web application performance is user-friendly and runs smoothly. A well-oiled website and its applications represent the face of a company, and in an ideal scenario, they serve as a mark of reliability, innovation, and progress.

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Top Load Testing Tools: 50 Useful Tools for Load Testing

(4 days ago) A full-featured testing solution for websites, web apps, and web services, Loadster is built for real web applications and can handle cookies, user sessions, custom headers, and more with ease. Check out Loadster’s documentation here. Key Features: Gives a hybrid solution for load testing with ground server and cloud system

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A Guide to Logging in Azure Functions – Stackify

(5 days ago) We want to have the ability to reuse the classes in other applications such as web or console apps. The best that we get is a minor abstraction of TraceWriter in the form of the ILogger interface. You may recognize this as the interface introduced in ASP.NET Core through the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions package.

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Top 8 PaaS Providers for Deploying PHP Applications – Stackify

(Just Now) Heroku is a cloud platform based on a managed container system, with integrated data services and a powerful ecosystem for deploying and running modern apps. The cloud platform enables developers to design, deploy, monitor and scale apps in an efficient and simple way.

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8 Best Practices for Agile Software Deployment – Stackify

(7 days ago) Deployment Best Practices. 1. Use a deployment checklist. Deploying new software can be a complicated task, but it’s simple once you have a process. Nothing prepares a team for success like a checklist. This app deployment checklist reminds you to …

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34 Leading PaaS Providers Offering Built-In Infrastructure

(Just Now) Create mobile apps without rewriting your code or using any other development tool; Cost: Free trial available. App Cloud starts at $25 per user per month (Employee Apps Starter). Its most expensive offering is the Heroku Enterprise Starter, which starts at $4,000 per company per month. 18. Google App Engine. @googlecloud

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Top 18 APM Tools (Application Monitoring) You Should

(2 days ago) New Relic APM. New Relic has championed the idea of a SaaS based APM and is one of the industry leaders in application performance management. New Relic also provides APM for mobile apps, advanced browser performance monitoring and most recently added infrastructure monitoring. Languages: .NET, Java, Ruby, Phython, Nodejs, Go, PHP.

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The Best Log Viewer for Developers in the Universe – Stackify

(4 days ago) Prefix is much more than a log viewer for developers. Viewing your logs with Prefix is awesome. But what really makes it a big deal is being able to see it in context with the SQL queries, HTTP calls, queuing, caching, and other operations that your code is doing. Odds are, many of the other details it automatically shows will save you time

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Where to Find Azure App Service Logs for Your App, IIS

(9 days ago) Web Apps are a part of the Azure App Services offering. As are API Apps, Mobile Apps, Function Apps (that contain one or more Azure Functions) and some say Logic Apps are also part of App Services. Visit my Pluralsight course for an introduction to Azure App Services.

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Application Insights – 16 things every developer needs to

(7 days ago) Application Insights is Microsoft’s lightweight application performance monitoring service. I have collected a nice list of things that every developer should know. Including tips, key features, and limitations. 1. Make sure your app targets .NET 4.6, and .NET 2.0 is not supported.

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Software Testing Tips: 101 Expert Tips, Tricks and

(3 days ago) 35. For testing mobile apps, emulators can be useful, but they can’t perfectly replicate a real-world operating system. “Some tech experts use emulators for application testing. And it is good because an emulator is a powerful tool that makes app testing easier and cheaper.

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Microsoft Application Insights Alternative – 14 Reasons to

(4 days ago) Being able to view all exceptions and search logs across all apps is critical functionality that all developers need. 11. Customizable Profiling. Since Retrace uses the .NET CLR profiler, it can be customized to track any method in your code that can then be …

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Top Azure PaaS Services That Developers Love and Why

(6 days ago) Web Apps. Azure App Service Web Apps are essential if you want to host a standard ASP.NET web application. Web Apps are an abstraction of a Web Server like IIS or Tomcat and can run applications that are written in .NET, PHP, Python, Node.js, Java and more. They are very easy to setup and provide you with lots of benefits out-of-the-box, like

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Which Azure Deployment Model Should You Use

(5 days ago) Logic Apps, in which you configure a workflow with triggers, connectors and conditions. These also scale automatically and can be triggered by outside services The main advantage of using App Services is that they offer a lot of additional capabilities out-of-the-box, like auto-scaling , authentication and deployment slots.

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The Ultimate List of C# Tools: IDEs, Profilers, Automation

(9 days ago) C# is a widely used programming language in enterprises, especially for those that are heavily Microsoft-dependent. This language comprises a lot of tools with individual strengths. Here, we list C# tools for IDEs, profilers, automation tools, and more.. If you build apps using C#, you most likely use Visual Studio and have explored some of its extensions to supercharge your development.

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.NET Profiling Tools – Stackify

(1 days ago) Dive deeper into the code level to improve your apps, quicker! Retrace is designed to help you understand why transactions in your application are slow or failing, as fast as possible. Server-based or cloud-based, Retrace is designed to work with whichever environment your app is running.

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Why Azure Deployment Slots are Awesome and How to Use Them

(4 days ago) It offers Web Apps, API Apps, Mobile Apps and Function Apps (that run Azure Functions). These apps are incredibly powerful and can literally get you up and running in minutes. They provide a host of amazing features like (auto)scaling, easy authentication, offline sync (for Mobile Apps), hybrid connections and much, much more.

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What Is an IIS Application Pool – Stackify

(3 days ago) After learning about IIS and understanding the meaning of the pool in Computer Science, defining the “IIS application pool” should be almost trivial. An IIS application pool is a pool—i.e., a collection—that houses applications on IIS. Each application pool consists of a process called w3wp.exe that runs on the server machine.

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Top ASP.NET Performance Counters and How to Monitor Them

(Just Now) This include code-level performance, custom performance counters, a custom metrics API, and of course, standard ASP.NET performance counters. To modify how Retrace monitors your application, select your application, go to monitoring, and then click configure. Retrace groups all of the common ASP.NET performance counters into 4 different groups.

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How to Handle Application_error in ASP.NET App’s Global

(1 days ago) Implementing an Application Performance Management tool, such as Stackify Retrace, allows you to proactively identify more issues in dev and QA and improve apps in production environments. Retrace goes beyond standard APM to integrate errors and logs, server health metrics, and APM into one, easy to use platform.

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What is Windows 10 Developer Mode

(7 days ago) Learn more: Deploying and debugging UWP apps and Run Windows Store apps on a remote machine. Windows 10 User Experience Changes. Once Developer Mode is enabled, several other settings are displayed on the “For developers” settings screen. Including settings for Windows Explorer, Remote Desktop, and PowerShell.

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How to Monitor Windows Services: Performance, Errors

(5 days ago) It seems like everyone these days is writing cool ASP.NET web applications. However, we all know that a lot of the real work is still done behind the scenes in background services.. Buying something on Amazon no doubt kicks off a waterfall of tasks that …

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How to Autoscale Azure App Services & Cloud

(5 days ago) So when you scale up or down, you will do that for all the Apps in the service plan. Scaling up or down is a manual operation, even when you use the Azure Rest API. Out-of-the-box, there is no capability to scale up or down based on a schedule or a metric, like CPU usage.

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Supporting Production Applications the DevOps Way – Stackify

(7 days ago) DevOps Should Include Monitoring & Production Application Support. The goal of DevOps is to create collaboration and improve the working relationships between development and operations. The DevOps movement initially started focusing on software deployment and continuous delivery. However, support of production applications is the second and

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Top 10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript

(3 days ago) Microsoft designed it as a cross-platform code editor used to write web apps as well as cloud apps. The main reason why VS Code is so popular is that it has everything that a programmer could expect from any code editor, with additional useful features as well.

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Application Support is Perfect for DevOps – Stackify

(6 days ago) When DevOps emerged in 2009, the gap between development and operations teams finally started to get the kind of media and vendor attention it deserved. DevOps gets developers more involved in IT operations so they can more rapidly resolve software issues that arise after deployment. Without access to production applications and servers, even development managers and system …

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Node.js Microservices: Developing Node.js Apps Based On

(Just Now) Apps that are microservice-oriented and developed in Node.js deliver an array of benefits. Reinforced productivity. There is a package manager in Node.js that comes with various modules, which can be used by developers. In the development process, this means saving a lot of effort. Node.js apps are written in JavaScript, making it easily

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Debugging Windows Services with Prefix – Stackify

(5 days ago) It is common for service apps to do things on a scheduled interval like polling a database, file, website, etc. To make this show up in Prefix (or Retrace), all you need to do is define the scope of the operation. Example code with operation defined: How it looks in Prefix. List of the timer based transactions happening every few seconds

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Learn C#: Tutorials for Beginners, Intermediate, and

(5 days ago) This course especially focuses on developing apps for the Web and Microsoft Windows using Microsoft Visual C#, .NET, and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment. Another plus is that this class is intended for beginners with little or no knowledge or C# or .NET.

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15 Lessons Learned while Converting from ASP.NET to .NET

(2 days ago) Windows Services can be easily created with Visual Studio 2017 as long as your code targets the full .NET Framework. You will need move your .NET Core code to a class library that targets NetStandard that can then be shared via other .NET Core apps and your Windows Service. Read More: How to Create .NET Core Windows Services With Visual Studio 2017

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How to Use Performance Counters with .NET Core: Current

(1 days ago) If you want to use .NET Core on Windows and have access to performance counters, you can do so by switching your ASP.NET Core web application from targeting netcoreapp20 to net471. Find your csproj file in Windows Explorer and edit it with a text editor. Change the “TargetFramework” to net471 so it uses the full .NET Framework.

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Comparison: Azure App Services vs Cloud Services – Stackify

(9 days ago) Apps must work in a limited permission sandboxed environment; Cloud Services: Web & Worker Roles. Cloud services were the very first Microsoft Azure Platform as a service (PaaS) offering. They provide the ability to deploy web apps (web roles) and background services (worker roles) onto Azure virtual machines.

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22 Tips to Lower Azure Pricing and Optimize Hosting Costs

(6 days ago) 11. Combine web apps with Azure App Service Plans to reduce server count. One of the absolute best features of Azure is App Services. You can create an App Service Plan which represents 2-3 or more servers and then pack as many web applications as you want on to them.

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When to Use (and Not to Use) Asynchronous Programming: 20

(8 days ago) At Clearbridge, Manu manages project resources for a team of developers building world-class apps for enterprise clients. “If there is a resource that is used by different elements or a single thread in an application that is responsible for a resource or functionality…” It needs to be synchronized.

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