Best Interactive Mobile Medical Apps Apps for Healthcare

Interactive medical apps enable medical professionals, students, and educators to actively participate in a learning process in order to gain or pass the medical knowledge. These apps

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Best Mobile Apps for Anesthesiologists and

(8 days ago) These apps serve many purposes, from educational to point-of-care apps that provide anesthesiologists with useful resources and tools they can use before, during, and after the surgery. Here, we listed some of the most useful apps

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Best FDA Approved Medical Apps for Physicians and Patients

(6 days ago) FDA has strict rules and guidelines on what type of mobile apps can be considered medical device.[]FDA currently regulate mobile apps that are used as an accessory for a regulated medical device, i.e. mobile apps that connect to an existing device, such as implantable or wearable devices (sensors, accelerometers, blood glucose meters, treatment lasers, etc.); mobile apps

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Best Mobile Apps for Critical Care Clinicians and Nurses

(4 days ago) These apps provide both clinicians and nurses with valuable information, calculations, and tools to support the clinical decisions in the treatment of the critically ill patients. Most of the critical care apps available on the market are paid. Also, there are fewer apps for the Android devices.

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Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Apps for OB/GYNs Apps

(8 days ago) Here are some of the best apps designed for the OB/GYN community. ACOG App The ACOG app is a collection of valuable clinical and professional tools, news, and resources related to obstetrics and gynecology, including the latest clinical guidelines, calculators, immunization schedules, headlines, job search, and more.

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Best Physical Examination Apps for Physicians and Medical

(4 days ago) One of the most used apps is the one developed by Inkling, which is basically a mobile version of Bates' ebook developed for iOS, Mac, and PC. Android users can try Unbound's version of this guide. While the app is certainly useful for reviewing or learning physical examination skills, its price of $54.99 may put some users off.

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Mobile Apps to Help You Stay on Top of the Medical

(9 days ago) Many medical journal apps enable users to access and search PubMed, the library of NLM's publicly accessible index of Medline citations, in a mobile-friendly format since the PubMed website was difficult to view on a smartphone. The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) decided to make their own PubMed Mobile app. Technically speaking, PubMed

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Best Mobile Medical Apps That Can Help With Drug Dosage

(6 days ago) Mobile apps are perfect pocket tools for providing medication dosing guidelines and information. Several years ago, all medical apps that included drug dosages were a matter of controversy on Apple Store, because they were promptly rejected for violating Section 1.2 rule stating that Apple accepts only medical dosing information submitted by

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Best EMS and Paramedic Apps for First Responders and

(1 days ago) These apps bring pharmacology and clinical reference, procedure guides, and communication tools right at their fingertips. Although there are many useful apps for paramedics and Emergency Medicine technicians, some of them are more popular than the others.

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Best Mobile Ultrasound Apps to Use at the Point of Care

(3 days ago) The best apps for fitness Hello room, I am new here and ready to learn Is the FitDay the best calorie tracker on the web? I am interested in studying the pros or cons of deploying various mobile device medical apps

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Best Medical Apps to Use in Orthopedic Healthcare Apps

(7 days ago) There are currently around 300 orthopedic-focused apps available for both Android and iOS devices. These orthopedic mobile apps cover a large range of topics including education of medical students and orthopedics trainees, clinical evaluation, treatment recommendation and guidelines, and surgical training among others.

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Mobile Apps to Help People With Autoimmune Diseases Manage

(2 days ago) Mobile apps can help patients keep track of things like symptoms, medications, nutrition, and pain management. Autoimmune conditions are on the rise in the past 50 years, mostly because of the industrialized world diet and lifestyle.

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Best Mobile Apps for Chronic Pain Management Health Apps

(2 days ago) There are a plethora of mobile apps that can be used manage chronic pain, most of them being tracking apps and diaries. These apps allow users to record and track daily pain symptoms, which could help them figure out possible triggers of their pain, …

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Best Medical Apps for Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

(2 days ago) ResolutionMD App. Resolution is the only app in this list that is also available for Android. It is a diagnostic imaging tool, provided as a client-server architecture product that enables healthcare professionals to securely view patient images and reports, collaborate with their colleagues and other providers, and diagnose from any location.

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Best HIPAA-Compliant Secure Messaging Apps for Physicians

(5 days ago) The difference with other similar apps is that MedTunnel platform can be accessed via web browser, a desktop app on Mac or PC, or mobile app. MedTunnel app works similarly to other secure messaging apps, allowing providers and health care teams to send and receive messages with file attachments, between providers, between providers and patients

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Best Apps to Help You Track and Manage Your Seasonal and

(9 days ago) Here, we listed some of the most popular apps that can help people record and manage their seasonal and food allergies. WebMD Allergy App WebMD Allergy is a free app for Android and iPhone that help people with allergy prepare for each day providing them with a personalized allergy and weather forecast along with doctor-approved tips that can

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Mobile Apps for Osteoporosis Management Apps for

(7 days ago) There's a variety of mobile apps that can help manage this condition and make life easier for osteoporosis patients. Osteoporosis is a progressive metabolic bone disease that causes a decrease in bone density, making bones weak, fragile, and prone to fracture. Most of these fractures occur in the spine, wrist, and hips, usually when a person

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Best Medical Apps for Respiratory and Pulmonary Conditions

(6 days ago) Here, we listed some of the best apps for pulmonary and respiratory conditions. theChestReg App. theChestReg app is an essential resource for pulmonary and respiratory medicine designed for all healthcare professionals but particularly focusing on …

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Best Medical Apps for Lab Values Apps for Healthcare

(Just Now) Mobile apps can be used as a reference for lab test values and other information. Ordering and interpreting labs tests, or matching a patient's clinical presentation up with the required diagnostic tests isn't easy, especially for junior physicians, residents or nurse practitioners.

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Best Emergency Medical Apps for Doctors and Students

(Just Now) We selected several apps that every Emergency Medicine doctor and student should consider. QuickEM App QuickEM app is a rapid bedside reference tool developed primarily for the medical students and interns with an aim to help them get an idea of the differential and initial workup of common complaints in the emergency room setting.

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Best Fertility Apps That Can Help You Get Pregnant

(8 days ago) These apps can analyze all collected data and recommend the best times for you to try to conceive, all from the privacy of your home and your mobile device. Here, we listed some of the most popular fertility apps that can help you plan your pregnancy. Ovia Fertility Tracker & …

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Best Mobile Apps to Help Medical Professionals with CME/CE

(4 days ago) Both RealCME and MDLinxCME apps are available on Android and iOS for free. Our score: N/A Links: Android, iOS. myCME App. myCME app is a relatively new resource of continuing medical education for healthcare professionals, which is also available as a free app for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

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Best Pediatric Medical Apps For Doctors and Parents Apps

(9 days ago) Pediatric apps for physicians range from medical calculators, medical reference apps, drug and immunization recommendations, as well as guidelines for the management of various pediatric conditions. Parents can use different pediatric apps to track their children health, get a recommendation on vaccinations, contact doctors, or learn more about

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Best Apps for Women to Track and Manage Their Menopause

(7 days ago) Here, we list some of the most popular menopausal apps. MenoPro App The MenoPro app is designed by the North American Menopause Society to help clinicians and women with menopausal symptoms work together to personalize treatment decisions based on the patient's symptoms, medical history, risk factors, and personal preferences, i.e. hormonal vs

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The Top 4 Medical Apps for Pediatricians Apps for

(8 days ago) Here are the top 4 Pediatric Apps out there that that can make lives for pediatricians a little easier. Number 1: PaediaTricks- Child Health App This medical app is a must-have application in any arsenal for pediatricians in the field.

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Best Medical Genetics and Clinical Genomics Mobile Apps

(3 days ago) There are mobile apps that can provide all healthcare professionals with information about genetics and genomics, serving as a quick reference, encyclopedia of common genetic terms and genetic disorders, screening tools, etc. Here, we listed some of the most useful genetics and genomic apps

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Best Mobile Apps to Use Before and After Bariatric (Weight

(8 days ago) Mobile apps can be very helpful for patients who consider bariatric surgery for their weight loss, as well as those who underwent weight loss surgery, helping them track their nutrition and weight loss goals. Obesity is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height, usually from fat, but can include other factors as well.

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Essential Medical Calculator Apps That Every Healthcare

(8 days ago) Mobile apps that can perform opioid conversion could be ideal solution, but the inconsistency in information and implementation quality is the biggest problem with these apps. One of the best and most consistent opioid conversion apps is Opioid Calculator , which calculates total oral morphine equivalent daily dose for combinations of opioids

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Best Mobile Apps to Help You Save on Prescription Drugs

(3 days ago) These apps can also provide advanced options for patients, enabling them to view prescription history, identify pills based on imprint, shapes and color information, check for drug interactions, or set pill reminders so they never miss a medication.

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Best Medical Apps for Internal Medicine Physicians and

(2 days ago) Based on that, we've listed some of the apps we think are the most essential for every Internal Medicine physician, physician assistant, resident, nurse, as well as other clinicians. IMIR App The IMIR, which stands for Internal Medicine In-Review, is a free medical app that offers clinically relevant, Board reviewed questions and answers in

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A Review of UpToDate: All-in-one-spot Medical Application

(2 days ago) Mobile Apps for Healthcare Professionals to Use in Case of Medication Overdose and Poisoning What Is This Pill: Best Pill Identifier Apps for Android and iPhone Starting the First Year of Medical Residency: Best Mobile Apps for New Interns

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Medical School Student

(3 days ago) Using manikin is the most common method of medical simulation, but the advent of mobile technologies, especially apps, brought medical simulation at our fingertips. Resuscitation! app is one of those medical simulation apps that help medical students and professionals stay on top of their clinical skills by allowing them to simulate various

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Top 3 Alternative Apps Instead of Epocrates: LexiComp

(4 days ago) The apps presented are much cheaper and contain a lot of the same features that are popular in Epocrates and other similar apps like UpToDate. There is a great equalizer in Medicine and no matter how good a physician is at making the appropriate diagnosis for a patient, determining the right medications to treat them, and educating them to make

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Best Mobile Apps for Children and Adolescent (Teen) Mental

(7 days ago) Here, we listed some of the best apps that can improve children and teen mental wellbeing. MindShift App MindShift app by the Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia was designed to help teens and young adults learn and practice anxiety coping skills by using cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) based guidance and evaluation.

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Symple App, a symptom tracker and a health diary for

(6 days ago) Allergy Diary App by MACVIA ARIA, a daily record of allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms My IBD Manager App, a diary and tracker helping patients better understand their IBD symptoms Period Diary App, a straightforward multilingual tool for tracking menstrual cycle and ovulation iHeadache App, a simple headache and migraine tracker Migraine Buddy App, headache diary and …

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Mobile Diagnostics: How Accurate Are Medical DDx Apps for

(1 days ago) There are many mobile apps that medical students and providers use a support when making important clinical decisions, particularly when forming a differential diagnosis. Many of these apps feature large databases with range of signs, symptoms and conditions that users can browse through using the search tool, and then review results that would

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Best Medical Apps for Stroke Prevention, Diagnosis and

(1 days ago) Mobile apps can be helpful by providing the important recommendations, calculators and treatment options to medical providers who manage patients with high stroke risk. Check our list of best apps for stroke prevention, diagnosis and management. AnticoagEvaluator App.

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Essential Skeleton App, an interactive 3D anatomy of the

(3 days ago) These apps can provide students and residents with better insight into the structure of the human body than traditionally used cadavers and medical textbooks. Here at SteadyHealth, we already compiled the list of the best mobile apps for learning anatomy that range from flashcards to reference textbooks to 3D interactive maps and models.

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Glow App, a smart and intuitive period, fertility and

(5 days ago) All Glow apps are free to download and use, but they also offer premium paid features. Glow app requires users to create an account by providing basic information about yourself. But, before creating an account, the users will be asked about their goal, i.e. women if they want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, men to choose their own section.

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Best Mobile Drug Reference Apps for Physicians Apps for

(4 days ago) Among many apps that address the problems of antibiotic overuse and resistance there is GP Antibiotics mobile app, a simple and free pocket reference for the current NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde antimicrobial guidelines. Although made for the healthcare providers in Scotland, this app can be used elsewhere, if medical providers find it in

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Best Mobile Apps for Medical Marijuana Patients Health

(5 days ago) Mobile apps are widely used to obtain information about medical marijuana, especially in a climate of rapidly changing cannabis policy. These apps can help patients find dispensaries, learn about marijuana strains, or get recommendations from the doctor.

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