Virtual Event App The Event App Mumbai

Virtual Networking Software. Create pre-event buzz on the Event App. Upload agenda, speakers, let attendees engage using the Event Feed. Virtual Tech. Insert Zoom meeting ID while setting up event. Use the Event App to discuss key issues, manage agenda, and provide feedback on topics. Virtual Conference Software.

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Exclusive Event App The Event App Mumbai

(6 days ago) We are the best Online Event Management System, We can create Exclusive Event Apps for your business events.

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FEATURES The Event App Mumbai

(5 days ago) Option to send push notifications from apps as well. Attendee & Speaker Lists. Search and view attendees, chat 1-1 and send images/videos. Download speaker presentations and rate speakers. Sponsors. Add Sponsors, along with the web address. Track clicks, also add chat and branding options.

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Customized Virtual Events Create Event App The Event App

(9 days ago) Overview of event data including number of active users, total in-app actions, average number of actions per user View total number of bookmarks, status updates, comments, likes, check-ins, surveys, photos and ratings View device breakdown, speaker breakdown with top speakers, agenda breakdown with stats on most popular session, exhibitor breakdown with top exhibitors, most influential people

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Introducing – The Ultimate Trade Show App!

(1 days ago) The Trade Show Apps provide organizers a dashboard view of each exhibitor, providing a quick view of which exhibitor requires marketing help before or during the exhibition. The data is presented in a neat form, and quick call to actions on the Event Feed, push notifications or 1-1 messages can help organizers ensure they are doing their bit to

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5 ways on how The Event App services assist you in making

(1 days ago) A Mobile Event App can only be as successful as the amount of effort put towards using it. It involves deep understanding about the topic of the event, the attendees that will be attending it, the venue, the speakers and the overall goals the organizer aims to achieve. Which is why be it for conferences, corporate offsite or even exhibitions, The Event App provides organisers appropriate

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The Best Video Conferencing Tool In The Market

(8 days ago) The relevance of virtual event platforms and virtual meeting apps has increased exponentially in the past few months. They are no more just limited to an office. From school students to senior citizens, everyone is familiarising with virtual tech tools that were previously pretty obscure. As the world gets acquainted with lockdowns and social distancing, it is also adapting with these new ways

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Outfit Ideas For Event Creators Best Event apps

(3 days ago) As per the experts of the best event apps, conferences have traditionally required formal business attire.Yet, as business attire has developed, a casual look is frequently the standard. This, be that as it may, much relies upon your industry.

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How A Conference App Replaces The Need For Paper Event

(Just Now) From registration forms to feedback forms, until recently, organizing a business conference meant spending a lot of paper and money for the processes. The advent of technology has given us ‘Event App for Conferences’ that facilitate paperless and smooth planning of a business conference. A good conference app will save paper, resultantly cutting down the total cost of your conference.

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About Us Virtual Event App The Event App Mumbai

(4 days ago) Established in 2012, we have deployed over 200+ apps on iOS and Android both 7 out of 10 clients have given us repeat business for single or multi-pro apps Our Team

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3 Things To Keep In Mind When Deciding Event Venue Size

(7 days ago) At last, while you have to remain practical, event management companies and mobile event apps may prescribe that you search for a more unique and larger venue in certain circumstances. 24 views 0 comments. 1 like. Post not marked as liked 1. Recent Posts …

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Event App for Conferences The Event App Mumbai

(7 days ago) Decrease app fatigue and marketing efforts needed to make attendees keep downloading different apps. Earn More from the Conference. Allow sponsors to display Splash and Banner ads. Provide them insights on their page visits and brochure downloads. Also encourage them to interact with attendees

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Outbound Trip App The Event App Mumbai

(9 days ago) We include the feature of Outbound Trip in your Event App or can create a totally different Outbound Trip App for you.

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Event App Engagement Ideas

(8 days ago) Buying an event app is not enough. Event Apps require a good content and engagement strategy Event apps are meant to improve communication among attendees, declutter an organiser’s desk and improve the feedback loop on factors that are interesting your audience. But all this depends on one hard fact – Attendees should be using your app in the first place.

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App for Expo and Exhibitons The Event App Mumbai

(8 days ago) The Event App allows Exhibitors to identify visitors who have seen the exhibitor page, and access media, brochures - thereby providing leads. This information can be used by you to market future editions. Lead retrieval ensures more business for you. Provide Exhibitors access to page visits, brochure downloads and message inbox from app itself.

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Virtual Events The Event App Mumbai

(1 days ago) Ideal for browser based desktop view but accessible on iOS And Android apps as well. Features. 1. Virtual Themes available with option of branding. 5. Session wise live polls, quiz, Q&A and chat. 2. Choose as many main auditorium / break out rooms as possible. 6. …

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Privacy Policy Virtual Event App The Event App Mumbai

(1 days ago) If an attendee never signs in to The Event App by Procialize Apps, his/her name is not listed. c) Policy 3: Explicit Opt-in. Under this policy, once an attendee signs in to The Event App by Procialize Apps, he/she is explicitly asked whether he/she wants to be listed in the attendee list for other attendees to network with him/her.

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How to thrill Medical Reps

(8 days ago) There was no need to create whatsapp groups or send excessive emails as all communication was done using the apps itself. Many medical reps connected with each other, and thus grew the bond between employee. Reps were happy to receive updates about any change or development within the event. 22 views 0 comments.

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