New York Creates App That Shows COVID-19 Vaccine, Testing

New York and IBM created a smartphone app that can display a person's coronavirus vaccine or recent testing status. Officials say the Excelsior Pass will …

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URL: https://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2021/03/29/covid-19-vaccine-app-new-york

Say 'Ahh': New App Uses Voices As Biomarker To Screen For

(9 days ago) Sonde Health has introduced an app it says can help detect respiratory illnesses by using the voice as a biomarker. Bob Oakes talks to company officials and tries the app himself.

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Ways To Listen Inside WBUR

(2 days ago) WBUR Apps. Apple iOS: Available for download from iTunes; Android: Available for download from the Google Play store; Program Podcasts. On Point. A live, two-hour morning news-analysis program.

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Not Using Your Gym Membership

(2 days ago) “These apps [are] usually much, much lower than that,” says Koch, who shares his favorite apps with Here & Now’s Robin Young. “This offers sort …

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The App Generation: How Technology Is Changing Us

(5 days ago) The app-dependent person relies completely on the existing set of apps; and if an app does not exist, or is not sufficiently agile, he simply abandons …

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How Technology Is Changing The Way Blind People Get Visual

(1 days ago) For the blind or visually impaired, apps like Be My Eyes allow the user to ask a sighted person for help. (Courtesy Be My Eyes) This article is more than 2 years old. Many of the apps on your

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Do Toddler Apps Turn Young Brains To Mush

(1 days ago) A growing number of interactive apps are being developed specifically for two- and three-year-olds. We delve into the debate over whether tablets and apps are good for toddlers.

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MIT Researchers Developing App To Notify People If They've

(8 days ago) The researchers are developing an app that would keep track of Bluetooth signals which are emitted by people's smartphones. A person who is infected can indicate that they've tested positive in

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'Digital Minimalism': How To Hang Up On Your Phone

(Just Now) They downloaded the apps and set up accounts for good reasons, only to discover, with grim irony, that these services were beginning to undermine the …

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Are Apps Like Tinder And Grindr Fueling A Rise In STDs

(9 days ago) (Screenshot from tinder.com) This article is more than 5 years old. Public health officials in states across the country are blaming dating apps like Tinder and Grindr for contributing to an

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Smart Glasses, Apps, Talking Appliances: How Tech For

(7 days ago) Smart Glasses, Apps, Talking Appliances: How Tech For Blind People Is Getting Better 11:01. X. Copy the code below to embed the WBUR audio player on your site

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Feel In Danger On A Date

(4 days ago) Safety apps are designed to help women ease out of a dating situation that seems uncomfortable or dangerous. But experts say it's also important to help friends in real life.

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Domestic Abusers Are Weaponizing Apps And In-Home Devices

(5 days ago) Sometimes women can’t just uninstall apps and in-home devices to avoid abuse either, Freed says. “If they're installed in a way where the abuser is already is the leader of the account, it

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Tools To Prevent Suicide Include Awareness — And Apps

(3 days ago) Optimism is an app that helps people with mental health problems. (Jesse Costa/WBUR) This article is more than 5 years old. About 600 people in Massachusetts take their own lives each year.

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The MBTA Says This Is The Best Transit App For Greater

(4 days ago) Screenshot of Transit App. (Courtesy MBTA) This article is more than 4 years old. There are dozens of MBTA apps out there for commuters. But now, only one — …

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Patients With Depression Test App That Tracks Their Mood

(2 days ago) The Food and Drug Administration regulates apps that turn a phone into a diagnostic tool, like a pacemaker, but has "taken a hands off approach to most apps

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Pandemic Stress, Boredom, Isolation Add Up To Sharp Rise

(Just Now) Apps such as Cutback Coach and Moderation Management can help people create structure around drinking and provide tools to manage stress, she says.

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What Apps Mean For Dating, Marriage And Breakups Here & Now

(4 days ago) Michael Rosenfeld: "The apps are really common — Bumble is one of them, Tinder is probably the biggest one. When I talk to people who are single who …

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Just 'Baby Blues' Or Postpartum Depression

(Just Now) A new app from Massachusetts General Hospital aims to screen new mothers for postpartum depression and develop an even quicker, smarter test.

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Dial For News: When Crisis Strikes, The Simplest

(Just Now) Just a regular old phone number — no fiddling with apps, no Wi-Fi, no special hardware. Long story short, we were inspired by the Tribune's work. The …

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App-Assisted Labor: Smartphones During Childbirth Are All

(Just Now) Readers, what childbirth related apps have you used and have they helped you? Ananda Lowe is a Lamaze-trained childbirth educator in Somerville, Massachusetts, and co-author,

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'We Are No Longer The Customers': Inside 'The Age Of

(6 days ago) I write in the book about surveillance capitalism being discovered, invented, elaborated at Google, migrating to Facebook, becoming the default option for Silicon Valley apps and startups and so

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Delivery Only: The Rise Of Restaurants With No Diners As

(7 days ago) Restaurants without diners are popping up all over the place. "Ghost kitchens" and menus that exist solely in smartphone apps such as DoorDash and Uber Eats seek to …

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The Doctor Is In (Your Pocket): When Your Smartphone Takes

(3 days ago) The regulation of mHealth apps is a work in progress. The FDA’s first approval of a medical app was at the beginning of 2011. By the first quarter …

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How Apple's New Privacy Changes Will Affect Consumers

(4 days ago) Apple will begin rolling out new privacy settings Monday for its iOS operating system. The update is designed to limit advertisers' ability to track iPhone users' activity across apps, and it

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In Fight Against Uber, Can Apps Give Boston Taxis A Lift

(3 days ago) The local taxi industry is hoping an app of their own will give cabbies a new tool in their fight against Uber and Lyft, though taxi advocates say regulations still keep them from a level playing

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Patients Lead The Way As Medicine Grapples With Apps

(7 days ago) Smartphone apps can help count calories or detect a heart attack. People are embracing them to manage many aspects of their health. But medical apps are …

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Back To School With The Educational App Boom On Point

(4 days ago) The number of websites, apps, and ebooks for children under five has grown exponentially, leading librarians, teachers, and parents to wrestle with …

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The Epic Games Vs. Apple Trial Has Begun. Here's What You

(Just Now) The 30% cut is necessary, according to Apple, to safeguard the privacy and safety of apps on Apple devices. Epic estimates Apple's profit from its App Store's fees is …

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'Hard To Exaggerate' How 'Data-Hungry' Facebook Is, One

(9 days ago) So the current scandal is focused on the fact that one of those apps was fronted by an academic who apparently passed the data to Cambridge …

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The 'In-Between' Generation: What Technological Change

(5 days ago) "You have cordless phones that don't really even catch on till the 1990s. But then in a decade they're overtaken by AIM chat, then cellphones and texting, and then smartphones and social media apps.

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My New Diet Is An App: Weight Loss Goes Digital WBUR News

(1 days ago) The popularity of weight loss apps, especially among younger people, has forced the traditional weight loss programs to revamp their models to include online, on-demand support.

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Would You Use An App To Verify Your Vaccine Status

(Just Now) From sporting arenas to colleges and cruise ships, many businesses are planning to ask customers to prove they've had their shots. Smartphone apps may be coming soon.

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Apple Pulls Vaping Apps From App Store Here & Now

(5 days ago) Apple has taken down nearly 200 apps related to vaping, citing "a public health crisis and a youth epidemic." (Tony Dejak/AP) This article is more than 1 …

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The Age Of Apps On Point

(5 days ago) A new iPad and the avalanche of “apps,” all over. We’ll look at everyday life in the age of apps. Apps during an Apple announcement in San Francisco, Wednesday, March 7, 2012.

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'A' Is For Apps: Teachers Share Top Digital Tools Of The

(4 days ago) Nestled between Julia Auster's fantasy football app and Facebook Messenger is a relatively new bucket of apps: the education tools she uses in …

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The Long List Of Health Apps Features Few Clear Winners

(Just Now) Mobile health apps have gotten a lot of attention, but most are not being used, according to an industry analysis. The top-selling apps are diet and fitness trackers. Most apps don't let people

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Shina Novalinga Uses Social Media To Preserve, Celebrate

(8 days ago) The ban was only lifted in the 1980s, and now Novalinga and her mother are using apps like TikTok and Instagram to preserve and celebrate the music.

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When Does An App Need FDA's Blessing

(Just Now) The apps are among thousands that are flooding the market these days. Many are designed to help people take better care of themselves by, for …

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From Meeting To Marrying, How Dating Apps Have Changed The

(1 days ago) Thanks to the prevalence of apps like Tinder and Grindr, online dating is now fairly mainstream. But do all these apps make people less likely to settle down or get married?

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Once On The Brink Of Eradication, Syphilis Is Raging Again

(2 days ago) Syphilis cases in California have contributed to soaring national caseloads of sexually transmitted diseases. Experts point to the advent of dating apps, decreased condom use and an increase in …

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The Booming Podcast Business: Why Do You Listen

(2 days ago) The Sonde One health app will analyze short audio recordings and screen them for potential voice illnesses. (Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images) This …

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Homeless In San Francisco

(8 days ago) This article is more than 7 years old.. Homeless men and women in San Francisco have a new way of finding services such as food and shelter. It's an app — …

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17 Apps To Help You Get Through The Hurricane WBUR News

(Just Now) Zello — Currently trending on Google Play and hitting the number one spot on the Apple App Store's "free" apps, Zello is a push-to-talk app, sort of like a walkie-talkie. Unlike walkie-talkies

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The Tech Behind Traffic Apps: How (Well) Do They Work

(5 days ago) The apps are sort of the precursors to some of that because we're getting geographic location — real-time, very detailed point measurements." While that future is a ways off, Lomax says apps

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MBTA Looks To Improve Commutes By Endorsing A Transit App

(1 days ago) On Friday, the four finalists -- Moovit, Transit App, Swiftly and Moovel — presented their apps at a public forum. All of the apps are free and currently available on iOS and Android, with the

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'Disinformation Dozen' Test Facebook's, Twitter's Ability

(Just Now) 23 hours ago · Both Facebook and Twitter link to public health information in their apps and in the labels they put on misleading posts. But they now face an uphill battle of persuading the skeptics.

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